About iGTB


About iGTB

In the face of innovations and disruptions, new business models and increasingly comprehensive regulations, technology has become a key enabler in determining the success of banks. Collaboration is key; by exploring strategic technological partnerships, banks and financial technology providers can together create long-term success, one geared toward creating greater principal bank penetration.

We know this because the long term matters. Our commitment is to bank in and its future, anticipating and solving needs. Transaction banking is our business.

This is the philosophy that we at iGTB follow and our commitment to our customers’ success shows. It’s in the expertise and readiness of our experts around the world to engage with the bank; it’s in the high quality of our products and services delivery; it’s in the positive experience of our client organisations. At iGTB, we work to understand the unique complexities of financial institutions, design effective solutions that resolve your challenges, and help you help businesses create the wealth of the world.

iGTB creates financial technologies that help banks help businesses create the wealth of the world to help them grow and succeed. Solutions that help move the world forward; because that’s what happens when the world knows it has financial institutions they can rely on.

But there’s more to us and to our story.

We are the only financial technology provider in transaction banking. We help banks maximize corporate wealth with the world's first integrated transaction banking platform serving 100+ live installations across 85 countries. Leveraging its out-of-the-box digital 360 approach, banks help businesses optimize surplus liquidity, digitize the financial supply chain and trade, enable anytime universal payments and remove concerns from risk. 

iGTB is the world's first complete Global Transaction Banking Platform.  With a rich suite of transaction banking products, we are an authority on vertical and integrated products that enable banks to meet their ambition to be the Principal Banker to their corporate customers.

  • Customer Intimacy – Able to provide solutions that are unique to the bank, unique to the corporation’s sector and organisation and unique to that corporation.
  • Operational Excellence – Offers superb STP for rapid execution simply initiated with strong risk management, each time, every time.
  • Product Leadership – Has demonstrated the ability to improve the potential for the corporation to make money.
  • Actionable Intelligence – Through iGTB you can obtain rich information and analytics in real time for better decisions to execute the next transactions. 

A uniquely focused products business, iGTB addresses the needs of financial institutions in varying stages of technology adoption. 

iGTB’s core products pilliars of transaction banking include Digital, Payments & Cash Management (PCM), Liquidity, Supply Chain & Trade, Commercial Risk. All these products are available to customers through intuitive real-time omni-channel interface, the renowned Corporate Banking Exchange (CBX), powered by Canvas Technology - a transformative distribution technology. These products can also be offered individually (or as cross product bundles), thereby enabling plug-and-play with the existing technology landscape.

 iGTB reduces exception and investigation cost by over 40% using the revolutionary Hub Technology. Benchmarked to handle volumes in excess of 30 million transactions per day with peak processing capability of 3.5 million transactions per hour, this is the technology banks have been waiting for. With its non-disruptive Progressive modernization (ProMo) methodology, iGTB enables a bank’s transformation based on the customers’ business priorities, thereby dismantling system silos with a heavy focus on customer centricity and operational efficiency.

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