Celent Awards for CBX/Receivables Management. Exciting times at iGTB.


Celent Awards for CBX/Receivables Management. Exciting times at iGTB.

Corporations can get paid ten times faster and at a fifth of the cost with electronic invoicing. There is thus a proliferation of digital channels through which corporations expect their transactions to go through. With world trade forecasted to grow by 73% in the next 15 years, banks that offer trade services to their clients are looking at their revenue opportunities multiplying three fold in the coming years.

In view of these interesting facts, Celent, a leading industry analyst, looked at eight vendors providing Integrated Receivables Management solutions in the market, in its report titled “Integrated Receivables Vendors – Celent ABCD Vendor View”.  iGTB’s Receivables Management emerged as the top performer in two categories, winning the XCelent Award for:

  • XCelent Technology for the leading Advanced Technology score
  • XCelent Functionality for the leading Breadth of Functionality score

"This award is fantastic”, says Mike Rayfield, SVP, Senior Consultant, Channels, iGTB. “It is a recognition of our ongoing approach to provide solutions, not products. iGTB really understands the need to listen to customers and innovate around those needs and frustrations. We are investing heavily in innovation, with brand new facilities opening up worldwide specifically for the purpose of generating new solutions in partnership with key clients. Exciting times."

Henry A. Gorbet, SVP, Payment Solutions - Americas, iGTB comments, “We are devoted to being the leaders in strategic thinking and innovation in the Financial Services technology industry.  And are building solutions with the end-user in mind. Celent’s report corroborates that.”

Meghana Gune, Vice President, Trade and SCF, iGTB added further to Celent’s recognition. “In our pursuit of providing best-in-class financial solutions in the BFSI space, this award is yet another endorsement of our excellence and provides us with a great fillip to continue the journey with renewed enthusiasm.  The experience gained from multiple implementations supplemented with our intellectual capital not only helps us deliver world class solutions but also equips us to be future ready.”

As Mike Rayfield put it, exciting times indeed.

Date Modified: 

Sunday, February 2, 2014
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