Importance of Transaction Banking


Importance of Transaction Banking

Business activity is key to economic recovery and to prosperity where there is poverty. It is through businesses and corporations trading in complex patterns of exchange of goods, services, money, assets and future obligations that wealth is created. In the aftermath of financial crises and with the developing world racing to match or overtake the so-called developed world, never has it been more critical that banks nurture the wealth creators well through transaction banking.

Transaction banking - helping the financial aspects of the day to day lives of corporations - has high and growing revenue and is profitable globally. Not only is the revenue worldwide forecast by BCG to grow at 10-11% to around half a trillion dollars by 2021, there is evidence that the revenue is highly profitable (10-15% higher than the average EBITDA margin according to IPSA. Also described by Standard Chartered Bank as “superb economics").

iGTB provides global transaction banking solutions so that banks can provide products to support the core corporate value chain of buying raw materials, transforming them, selling the finished goods and so earning money: the buy - do - sell - earn value chain.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014
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