Latest on the Blog: Commercial Risk - The New Normal


Latest on the Blog: Commercial Risk - The New Normal

The GTB London Advisory Event 2016 led to several interesting conversations with leading bankers and financial industry experts, exploring the evolving trends in transaction banking. Tapan Agarwal, Risk Product Council Chair - iGTB, delves on these conversations further and opines on them in the blog series: COMMERCIAL RISK - THE NEW NORMAL

Watch this space for posts by Tapan Agarwal, every Wednesday.


Post #1: Risk-based regulation is OUT. Regulation-based risk management is IN. 

Post #2: Risk It or Play Safe?

Post #3: Who, When, Why? Operational Risk Management Needs This Data

Post #4: KYC and UBO. Threat or Opportunity?

Post #5: When in Risk, Trust Technology

Post #6: The Danger that Lies Within

Post #7: When Many is Not More

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