Payments Decisioning with Funds Control


Payments Decisioning with Funds Control

Most Tier 1 banks today have comprehensive processing capabilities. However, as business evolves and most corporate customers are organized into complex entity hierarchies and access multiple payment products and services what plays a vital role is the banks’ ability to ensure that the corporate has  effective access to funds across accounts. The challenge, as a result, also becomes monitoring these funds and ensuring guaranteed payments with effective fund earmarking, limit checks and limit monitoring.

The Funds Control offers a comprehensive range of services to serve the need of payment decisioning with point solutions that leverage the core capability of the hub to meet the needs of the bank.

  • Guaranteed Payments - Generic Decisioning Engine
  • Maximum Utilization of Funds – Investment Decisioning
  • Non-Sufficient Funds, but Temporary Overdraft Facilities - Smart Overdraft Engine
  • Unavailability of the DDA Engine – Offline Authorization Engine

Offerings on Funds Control:









1. Funds Control

Enable corporate customers to maximize fund utilization across the relationship and benefit from assured payments

“Top two British banks rely on Funds Control to serve their large multi-national customer base”

Rule-Based Pay/No-Pay Decisioning Against Real-Time Balances and Credit Limits Data

  • Unified view of structures and limits along with real-time exposure monitoring
  • Funds availability verification at account, group, facility and customer level
  • Support for Multi-Option Facility (MoF)
  • Rule-driven Pay/No-Pay/Refer decision based on real-time funds availability check on pooled limits and balances across relationship with an option to earmark funds
  • Increase/reduce credit limit percentage with an option to block/unblock them in part or in full
  • Automated and manual retrial of funds availability check for transactions flagged off for referral
  • Up-to-minute group/customer/facility exposure reports
  • Informed Pay/No-Pay decision support with defined credit policies
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control over credit actions
  • Referral queues with configurable rule driven workflow and GUI, bulk actions and multiple approval levels
  • Role-based referrals and workflow management
  • Multi-country, multi-time zone support for global rollout
  • Better control over operational risk through well defined exception management workflows

2. Offline Authorization

Leverage Funds Control as an offline payment authorization engine for single or bulk payments ensuring zero down time to the end customer even while end of day is in progress

3. Investment Decisioning

“Running investment decisioning for over 18 billion GBP a day across multiple DDA systems with zero downtime”

Better utilization of credit limits and balances for customers to ensure maximum utilization of funds for investment sweeps

4. Smart Overdraft

Overdraft Protection in Case of non-Sufficient Funds Through Algorithmic Smart Decisionining

“One out of every 30 direct debits and one out of every 85 payments fail due to insufficient funds”

Smart OD Manager Automated Overdraft Recommendation Based on Customer Relationship Analysis

  • Intelligent overdraft decisioning in the case of non-sufficient funds driven by customer relationship history
  • Data capture and analysis over broad set of configurable customer attributes such as:
    • Net worth
    • Risk index
    • Average account balance
    • Number of check returns over a period of time
  • Configurable risk scoring formulae against weighted customer attributes to compute feasibility of offering Overdraft
  • Auto recommendation with options to manually override/accept/charge through an advanced referral process
  • Override analysis and analytics for all smart OD decisions
  • Tailor fit Smart Overdraft referral workflows to suit the bank’s current operational processes

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013
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