Sibos Diaries: Wireless eggs


Sibos Diaries: Wireless eggs

SEB please forgive me.

It was unwarranted, I know.

But there I was, sitting in a lovely little restaurant (Bistrot de la Tour) when someone gives Gigi a wrist band, saying "here you are, it gives you entry to the SEB party."  So anyway she gives me the wristband, I go to the address on the wristband, and try to get in.  "Are you on the list," they say, checking an Excel printout.  "oh," I say, "er, I have this wristband."  "Er," they say, "but are you on the list?"  So I pull my most beguiling face, and the guy on the other side says "Ok" and I'm in.

Well, I'll tell you, the whole night I'm there, I meet only two people from SEB, and those right at the end.  I meet HSBC, I meet Rand Merchant Bank, I meet RBC, I meet Bank of America ML, I meet ADCB, I meet Crédit Agricole, I meet Raiffeisen, I meet Natixis, I meet Helaba (they don't even print their name on their business cards, they just emboss them.  Class!), I meet RBS, Barclays, KBC, 

Well all I do is ask everyone: "Want to see a miracle?"  It turns out they do.  So I show 'em. "Are you a magician?" asks one.  "Well," I say, "Manish says so."  Anyway I get out our amazing wireless egg amplifier.  "Have a listen to this" I say "It's an iPhone" they say.  Yes, and then I play a bit of Louis Prima.*  Fine.  Then I put it in the egg.

Well knock me down with a feather.

Every single one one of them.  Every man jack of them.  Goes "WOW!"

And when I show them it has no batteries, no electrics ("it's wireless...Literally") they are, well I can only use the word, gobsmacked.

"Come by stand D67" I say "and we'll give you one."  Because they ALL say "Can I have it?"

Now THAT'S how to get banks to your booth!

Oh, by the way, Tuesday?  Best, biggest day.  Full, to the brim.  When Herber gave his talk on "Context is King" there wasn't a seat in the house, people were standing in the aisles.  And that was just when we got almost overwhelmed with demand on the stand.  I have the photos to prove it!  So, all in all, a good day.

À demain

*Louis Prima.  Trumpet player.  Famous for the lyrics "I eat antipasta twice, cos the waitress is so nice, Angelina" and "I took Felicia to Las Vegas, here's my story.  She spent weekend eating Chicken Cacciatore.  But when I said, "I'd like to kiss'ya," Felicia: "no capisce".  The way she gambled at the tables wasn't funny.  You should've seen the way she found to lose my money.  But when I said "I'd like to kiss'ya" Felicia: "no capisce!"  He also is known for being the singer on "I'm the King of the Jungle" in the Jungle book film.  The original.

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