Vision and Values


Vision and Values

Our Vision: We Help Banks Help Businesses Create the Wealth of the World

How we do this

We build and maintain enduring relationships that drive business growth for our customers around the world. Whether it is a new sell; cross sell; or moving from adoption to addiction, we help our customers realise their strategic ambitions. The digital era emphasis on acute customisation, new pricing models, and operational agility has generated heightened pressure on customer retention. 

Putting Customers at the Heart of Everything We Do

Being a design-driven company, we treat design as a leading component in the product creation process. We attribute many great initiatives and ideas to our design thinking ability and focus.We value perspectives from all parts of the organisation to holistically develop and deliver our products. Our teams view every feature as part of a larger whole. They view changes not just through the lens of the present but also with consideration for future iterations. We think about our future in the present.

Design-driven culture is in our DNA and we believe in building products that will transform the journey for your tomorrow.

Digital 360: Outside-In

Digital 360 is a deeply customer-centric philosophy. It impacts the customer facing Digital OUT and all connections of customer journeys to fragmented processes covered by Digital IN.

Digital OUT is not merely about customer experience. It’s about the transition from customer push to customer addiction for the services.

Digital IN is not merely about processes. It’s about making all internal process subordinate to customer journey. It’s about keeping the customer in the center, and connecting all related business processes as desired by the customer in the center.

Design thinking is fundamental to our business

In order to enable continuous improvement and bring innovation in our products we have invested in design thinking.We have launched the world's first 8012 FT Design Center - the world's first center dedicated to financial technology. The center is the culmination of over two decades of the company's singular focus on the banking and financial services vertical and stands testimony to collaborative design emerging as the next big game changer for financial technology and financial institutions.

Design is in our DNA

At the 8012 facility, teams are physically grouped by each of these critical design dimensions developing new solutions, testing hypotheses  thus continually fine-tuning for high performance eco-system connect and compliance integrity. With our team, we bring a mix of expertise to the table, experts in the area of innovation, intelligence, customer experience and industry experts. In every iGTB project, we work in teams towards a concrete result.

Our commitment

We have a commitment to solving our clients’ problems and creativity galore. And we ensure we collaborate with our customers in providing these solutions. We are much more than a technology vendor; we are a partner, embarking on a long-term relationship that brings value to our customers through measurable impact.

Our Values:


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