350 Reasons Why iGTB Creates A Model Bank

In 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to helm Apple, developers lashed out at him for terminating beloved projects like OpenDoc.

In response, Jobs said:

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

Context is everything.

We are only learning from the best: when Celent hailed iGTB as a pacesetter in customer engagement, it focused on our persona-based workflows and user journeys.

What is a persona?

In the transaction banking context, a persona is any actor at the corporation or bank ranging from a business owner, a treasurer or AP clerk, to a product manager, call center agent or a channel manager – who achieves his or her aims with the help of the banks product suite powered by iGTB.

The user journey is a manifesto that drives design and ensures focus on meeting real business needs. The twenty main personas and 350 user journeys are integral to the design & code. The scope and sophistication of these journeys offer tremendous potential for solutions that customers will love.

To paraphrase Jobs, think of a customer striving to maximize returns, and work backwards to the  functions and the tech stack.

Do this 350 times, with 20 unique personas. You now have a contextual banking experience, which anticipates business aims and provides cogent recommendations based on AI, trusted data and user risk appetite.

Whether it is by the AI, or by the highly flexible APIs, data is curated and analyzed to help achieve the user’s aims.

The analysis yields bespoke recommendations “best next action” and “best next offers” because it starts with a unique persona. The insight is immediately actionable because the interface is streamlined for the customer – a few clicks and you have handled a serious forex exposure, set down a rule for such exposures, and thus refined future insights because of the decision you made in one important context.

The persona or user-based workflow is what makes iGTB’s AI, API and cloud-powered solution a virtuous cycle. As the user is guided to make the right choice, the user also guides the AI to providethe right choice in the future.

Netflix can point you to a good show, Amazon to a good product, but iGTB points you to the next best $million. 350 times.