iGTB Intellect rated #1 and "Best in class" in Liquidity Management Platforms

This thorough Aité-Novarica “Impact” report follows an in-depth study of the six leading vendors in this space. iGTB led in three out of four categories : by Enrico Camerinelli

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World’s major currency MNC sweeps processed


Cash moves over annually


National pool balances handled through iGTB systems

"Best in Class"

iGTB’s Liquidity Management Solution (LMS) complies fully with regulations in 57 countries. iGTB’s LMS is a 100% cloud native liquidity management platform that includes off-the-shelf core capabilities such as cash sweeping, notional pooling, inter-company lending, investment sweeps, real-time cash control all available with the best client user experience.

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Best in Class
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CEO Speaks

Manish Maakan based in iGTB’s headquarters in London has passionately built award-winning products led by high-performing innovation teams to enable his vision of Contextual Banking – ensuring banks genuinely help their customers in real time, bringing the same level of contextual awareness and support consumers experience in other field.

Maish maakan
Aite Novarica

Aite Report:

The report highlights key trends in the Liquidity Management Platform (LMP) market and discusses evolving technology to address new market challenges.

Comprehensive product depth
Comprehensive product depth

Intellect’s position is based on the depth and breadth of its product functionalities, established on its knowledge of liquidity management dynamics, dominance in the field, and client endorsements and references.

50+ country compliance
50+ country compliance

Intellect’s overall strength can be appreciated in its risk management capabilities, especially its multi-jurisdictional regulatory compliance in over 50 countries

Off the shelf core capabilities
Off-the-shelf core capabilities

Intellect presents competitive deposit management, investment sweeps and hybrid cash pooling methods.

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Rated #1 by Aité Novarica Group Liquidity Management Platform Matrix


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iGTB's Contextual Banking Experience Platform (CBX) is a white label digital banking platform and product processors to manage corporate’s cash, liquidity and trade leveraging Machine Learning and predictive analytics, delivered through APIs and an omnichannel User Experience.


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