EBA Day – Stockholm

Wouldn’t it be great if your banking business actually understood – even anticipated – what your business customers are trying to achieve?

As part of the broad digitisation strategy, advanced AI applications will allow transaction banks to reach new heights – giving rise to the contextual SME, business and corporate bank.

Meet us at EBA Day to know the who, what and why of enabling business context in payments.

Date: 18th and 19th June, 2019
Location: Booth #12, Stockholmsmassan, Stockholm


iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking – Singapore

The Asian Tiger Singapore showed its hunger for growth and digital transformation when more than 50 participants representing 25 leading Asian banks attended the fourth iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking, held at the Fullerton in Singapore – the first outside its home base, Oxford.

This year, the event was again led by Ted Roosevelt Malloch, CEO, The Roosevelt Group and unearthed a number of practical considerations for banks looking to capitalise on the growth opportunities in Asia. Enhanced by practical design insights from a stellar cast of been-there done-that experienced bankers, the course shares best practices and also allows the participants to test their own designs in practical exercises using “Design Thinking” principles – all to provide optimal solutions to address the key challenges in transaction banking, as well as understand how digital innovations, marketing, economic and attitude of CEO’s can impact transaction banking.

The School was well received by attendees drawn from across the financial services sector, achieving a magnificent Net Promoter Score of 72%, all responses agreeing they would recommend the course, and half scoring it 10/10.

Banks who attended:

  • Investec
  • Mastercard
  • CIBC
  • Bank of America Merill Lynch
  • NatWest
  • Nordea
  • and many more

Courses galleries:

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Superior Digital Cash Management at NACHA

Thank you for attending iGTB’s presentation, Superior Digital Cash Management, which we showed how banks can deliver a superior digital experience using CBX, at the Innovation Hub during Payments 2019.

As a thank you for attending our presentation, we would like to invite you to a access a complimentary whitepaper based on research that we commissioned on why 86% of Corporate Banks Are Upgrading Their Cash Management Solution. 

Banks Learn How to Tap Sustainable Profit From The Gold Rush In Transaction Banking

Oxford (UK), April 17, 2019: Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB), part of Intellect Design Arena, the fastest growing financial tech product company with a CAGR of more than 21% over three years, today announced that its fifth iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking proved a phenomenal success with overwhelmingly positive feedback, an unprecedented NPS score of 94.4% and an average 4.6/5 session rating. 67% of the participants (2 in every 3) giving the maximum 10/10 for recommending this course is testament to the recognition the Oxford School now has as the benchmark corporate course on global transaction banking for banking leaders.This senior, by-invitation school, with a curriculum including maturity levels and design thinking set by Andrew England, Strategy Director, iGTB, attracted a cohort of senior bankers from 21 banks worldwide, who join the existing community of now over 175 alumni.

In the words of the participants:

Delighted to join Andrew England and iGTB in Oxford to open their Transaction Banking course. It’s important to design this business well because the best transaction businesses adopt leading edge technology and work with the top partners in the market to power the earnings of their banks.Ann Cairns, Executive Vice Chairman, Mastercard

It was amazing, it far exceeded my expectations…this was an amazing introduction.  I got to see some of the world’s leaders in transaction banking speak.  Someone like Andrew – to teach transaction banking in three days – almost impossible!Vipul Lalka, VP Enterprise Payments Platform & Capabilities, TD Bank.

Inspirational and insightful speakers…excellent content that is extremely engaging and real world applicable.Holly Caetano Alves de Castro, Head of Commercial Operations, Investec.

I learned that there is elegance in simplicity in TB and I found that the group activities were an excellent way of drawing in different experiences…we could tackle a particular problem in perhaps a unique way that not any of us individually would have discovered on our own.”           JD Penner, Senior Director, Cash Management and Payment Solutions, Commercial Solutions, CIBC.

It was a wonderful experience; I learnt a lot and met many interesting people. Thank you!Henrik Lang, Managing Director, Head of Liquidity, Global Transaction Services, EMEA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The School is one of the most unbelievable experiences of any banker’s life!  It takes us to new heights, it stretches our creativity and it definitely makes us think differently.”Mirka Skrzypczak,Head of Working Capital & Trade Products, NatWest.

Power of networking, before everything else, probably the best training I’ve ever been on.Katarzyna Bajerowska, President of the Management Board, mFactoring.

Great experience!…You’ve done a great job putting this programme in place, so I strongly recommend it.” Patrik Havander, Head of TxBStrategy & Commercial Excellence, Nordea.

The need for skilled execution has never been higher with transaction banking growth in 2019 still strong at 9% and double digits in major banks.[1]The course brought forthintensely practical considerations for banks to help them capitalise on the opportunity. As well as the taught curriculum and participant exercises, the School,again helmed by Ted Roosevelt Malloch, CEO, The Roosevelt Group,was made more powerful through the insightful opening address by Ann Cairns, Executive Vice Chairman, Mastercard, from practitioner case studies and insights shared by Barclays, ING, Nordea, CIBCand Emirates NBD, from sessions led by Dr Tobias Miarka, MD, Greenwich Associates, Graham Hutchings, CEO, Oxford Analytica, Rupert Gather, Executive Chairman, InvestUK and closing graduation dinner speaker Michael Harte, COO, Santander UK.

Graduation at the iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking.

Left to right: Mr Andrew England, Strategy Director, iGTB, Dr Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, CEO, TRG, Mr Henrick Lang, Managing Director, Head of Liquidity, Global Transaction Services, EMEA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Mr Manish Maakan, CEO, iGTB

Manish Maakan, CEO of iGTB,said: “With fintechs coming up with numerous ideas, innovations happening rapidly around the world both in developing and developed countries and bank specialisation on the increase, it has become imperative to have and share best practice worldwide for executing a complex, high potential business like Transaction Banking where technology is a serious enabler.  The School’s curriculum addresses this square on, equipping senior transaction bankers with an edge in successfully running their franchise.”

iGTB are committed to raising best practice intransaction banking, and are looking ahead to the next two Schools, starting on 19 June, 2019 in Singapore and 22 April, 2020, again back in Oxford.

[1]  9% growth in transaction banking revenues and 21% growth in HSBC cash and liquidity in 2018 and 16% in growth in JPMC global treasury services revenue in 2018. Source: “Banks’ fastest-growing business is one of their most boring,” Laura Noonan, NY, 5 March 2019, Financial Times.

Unpeeling the banking ecosystem

From a corporate and transactional banking perspective, it is crucial not just to offer your own products, but also your networks and their associated services. A few large institutions have put serious energy into reviewing how to create their own mini business sites. In the UK some banks offer small clients the greater purchasing power benefits of the larger banks, across real estate, professional services and even basic office supplies.

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