WEBINAR: Can AI create a Contextual Corporate Bank?

iGTB teams up with American Banker and Celent to kick off Webinar series

Drive revenue growth through improved customer engagement, reduced operational risk and enhanced data analytics.

Celent analyst Alenka Grealish and iGTB Head of Digital Banking Herber de Ruijter revelled the audience with a ground breaking presentation on AI.

AI techniques has been around for decades but the technology to harness them was lacking. A confluence of forces is enabling advanced AI applications in banking to reach new heights. Faster, cheaper computing power. Cloud data storage. New data sources. Advances in machine learning. Open source initiatives. Contextual banking platforms. Thanks to these advances, banks and their 3rd party providers are reaching several AI summits as part of a broader digitization strategy… giving rise to the contextual corporate bank.

What was discussed:

  • How to reduce operational inefficiencies & risk
  • How to enhance data analytics
  • Techniques to improve customer engagement
  • How to avoid pitfalls of dynamics underpinning the success
  • And ultimately, how to drive revenue growth

Alenka Grealish – Senior Analyst – Corporate Banking from Celent, 20+ years of experience
Herber Ruijter – Head of Digital, iGTB, 20+ years of experience in Digital and A.I.
Mike Perkowski – Co-founder and Partner of New Reality Media LLC, 30+ years of experience

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