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CIBC Is focused on innovation that makes a difference for our clients and leveraging IGTB's payments platform enhances our ability to deliver new capabilities, support emerging technologies such as blockchain, and positions us well to lead in the rapidly evolving payments market in Canada and the United States as they move towards real time payments.

Phil Griffiths
SVP & Head of Global Transaction Banking, CIBC

Benefit From A Modern Cloud-Native, Micro-Services, Pure Open-Source, API-First, Real-Time Architecture

  • High Availability 24 by 7 by 365 – guaranteed by having at any point in time a minimum number (pool) of µservice instances running for each capability
  • Zero down time with blue-green deployment model. Canary deployment for introducing new services gradually.
  • Real Time Contextual monitoring using standard tools like newRelic, Datadog, AppDynamics and log aggregation using logDNA, Fluentd, logstash
  • Usage of Kubernetes ensures elastic auto-scaling saving cost and ensuring high availability
  • Use of in-memory cache and distributed cloud native database to ensure milli-second response time
  • Kafka and ActiveMQ enable instant payments notifications and messaging

Achieve Scale, Comply With Regulations And Reduce Cost With On-Demand Payments As A Managed Service

  • Handle the complete life cycle of payments from channel initiation to clearing in real time
  • Cater to the needs of all business segments such as Retail, SME and Corporate. Hosting, managed services, clearing, payment processing, application support, all under one roof
  • Satisfy more clients with comprehensive capabilities like multi country, multi-currency, multiple payment rails and formats, ERP integration, H2H services
  • Transparent, simply understood pricing such as single transaction pricing based on payment rails and service packs chosen.
  • Leapfrog into the future with ERI payments, ISO 20022, SWIFT MT/MX, PSD2 and regional regulatory requirements. All-inclusive with no additional investment required each time a format changes
  • Minimal disruption up and running in 8 weeks. Ready packaged reference data libraries for rails, regions calendars that are FI specific reference data entities for originator information correspondent bank data, and more.

Drive Stickiness And Become The Principal Bank Using Contextual Payments

  • Become business aware by leveraging the data in a payment
  • Enhance client experience by recommending the right rails to use
  • Reduce client cost by having fees for different payment rails as part of the transaction
  • Delight customers via intelligent AI and ML based recommendations to manage payment shortfalls or FX payments
  • Enhance client productivity by smart Next Best Action recommendations
  • Maximise bank revenue by intuitive Next Best Offers to business clients

Achieve Higher Client Satisfaction And Compliance With ISO 20022 Remittance Data Management

  • Enhance client satisfaction by better reporting of payment transactions
  • Tackle the future head on by simply and affordably processing ISO20022 rich remittance-data-driven payments, without compromising current payments processing.
  • Simplify life for cents with central management of standalone and payment-associated remittance information (both structured or unstructured).
  • Avoid existing payment ecosystem changes by seamlessly handling ISO, MTMX transformation as part of the Payments Services Hub
  • Derive insight to cross-sell and up-sell by applying AI/ML on the extended ISO20022 remittance information
  • Enhance revenue by offering your customers and counterparty banks additional charged services with information on part payments, order numbers, supply chain data and other valuable information

Simplify Corporate Bulk Payment File Pre-Processing, Orchestration & Full Processing

  • Easily receive & process payments in multiple formats such as SAPIDOC, Oracle ERP, EDIFACT from corporate ERP Systems
  • Enhance productivity via a configurable file format conversion utility to convert any incoming format into a canonical ISO20022 payments data model
  • Greater flexibility for corporate payments by ability to debulk a payments file based on multiple attributes
  • Better control with a centralized rule engine for enrichment and validation
  • Improved payments exception management by a centralized queue based or SLA based exception management module

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution deployable on premise, cloud native or uniquely as a managed service. Handling the complete lifecycle of a payment in real time from initiation to pre-processing to execution to settlement, it also has special features for a contextual approach to payments for stickiness, real time payments decisioning based on complex balances and leveraging the richness of remittance information offered by ISO 20022 for corporate efficiency.

Cloud-native, micro-services, pure open-source, API-first, real-time architecture with a fully containerized deployment and benchmarked for large volumes, so capable of extreme scalability and high availability. Modular, highly configurable, easily integrating into a bank ecosystem via APIs and regulatory compliant for payment message formats across over 30 countries and over 75 domestic and regional payment schemes.


Achieve Real Time Exposure Management With Transaction Limits Management

  • Lower bank risk and better client limit utilization with real time limits exposure control, using the balance builder to handle net and gross limits, daylight exposure limits and overdraft limits
  • Minimize payments in referral due to fund-check reasons by netting balances across 1000’s of accounts in a client limit structure
  • Enhance client satisfaction, reduce operations cost and reduce risk by sophisticated payments limits checks that take into account client liquidity and cash management structures and even intercompany loans
  • Improve referral or exception processing by automatic retries as payments cut off approaches
  • Superior control by applying multiple fund check models such as Limit Based, Balance Based, Limits & Balance Based to meet your clients’ needs

Get Ahead Of The Competition With Real Time Payments Execution

  • Full STP support for incoming payments and outgoing payments
  • Rapid Processing of both incoming and outgoing messages and full support and matching for R messages ( Recalls, Returns, Rejects and Cancellations)
  • Handle multiple payment types such as low value batch, high value payments, direct debits, instant payments, mass payments and mixed payment files
  • Full Payments lifecycle capability for FX, fees, accounting, last mile clearing and settlement across multiple rails or networks such as Swift and Ripple
  • Compliant with PSD2, ISO2022 and payment regulations

Most Global Payment Rails Supported

  • iGTB has payments experience across 30 countries and over 75 domestic and regional Payment Rails across initiation to pre-processing to execution
  • Canada ACH, Wires, EFT, SWIFT, LVTS, Interac
  • UK and EU BACS, Chaps, FPS, Sepa CT, SDD, Sepa Instant
  • Distributed Ledger Based Rails iGTB Payments Hub is certified for Ripple based Cross Border Fund Transfers
  • And others