iGTB offers a comprehensive US Escrow Deposits solution

Intellect Global Transaction Banking launches CBX-Escrow deposits solution in the US

The CBX-Escrow deposits solution will help banks strengthen their deposits base and enhance cash management offerings.

  • Bank definable industry-aligned escrow use cases
  • Out of the box support for US regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive self-service for bank’s clients
  • Contextualized to various US escrow use cases

Watch the full video to learn more about this exciting launch from David Revell, Retired CIO and EVP, CIBC and Balakrishnan Narasimhan, Head of Solution Consulting, iGTB. Learn about iGTB’s offering for the US Escrow Deposits and how it is different from other options in the market.


ENBD & Emirates Islamic, Reimagining Technology Transformation

Miguel Rio Tinto, Emirates NBD speaks about Reimagining and Reinventing Technology Transformation at Scale

With the launch of the businessONLINE – Emirates NBD’s next-generation global corporate banking platform the group-wide, single instance, omnichannel platform, delivers a full suite of cash management, trade finance, and liquidity management solutions by reimagining and reinventing Technology Transformation at scale to the bank’s clients – ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations and government institutions.

Emirates NBD’s ‘businessONLINE’ is a new, comprehensive digital global cash management ecosystem that gives corporates the control they need across all their financial relationships, accounts, and activities – all on one user-friendly platform, powered by iGTB’s Digital Transaction Banking Enterprise Suite CBX.

Paperless trade is finally here

The future is through digital trade finance

The advent of paperless trade is finally here. Much like everything we knew as normal, before Covid-19 has changed, Trade and Supply Chain Finance has also felt the impact of the global pandemic.


David Hennah, Head of Trade and Supply Chain Finance, iGTB speaks about how there will be a spike in demand for payables finance and a strong focus on supplier onboarding processes.


The key takeaways of this session are:

  • Digital technologies will ultimately benefit all aspects of trade
  • Banks will need to evidence their support for sustainability
  • Predictive analytics will be of critical importance
We bring you the recording of this session, so you can watch, learn, analyse and take away the insights at your convenience.

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SIBOS 2019 Cruise Dinner and Party

Catch a glimpse of one of the biggest highlights of Sibos 2019. The iGTB flamenco cruise trip along the Thames.

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Sumit Aggarwal from Emirates NBD on Contextual Banking

Sumit Aggarwal from Emirates NBD
asserts the importance of being contextual

Sumit Aggarwal from Emirates NBD on Contextual Banking

Hot off the press, November 2020

Emirates NBD unveils ‘businessONLINE’, the next generation global corporate banking platform to simplify working capital management, streamline complex operations, and offer businesses full visibility.


Sumit Aggarwal from Emirates NBD asserts the importance of being contextual to needs of corporates and why that is a game changer in the world of digital transformation for banks. He also speaks extensively on the nature of the successful partnership between Emirates NBD & iGTB.

Enabling Business Context in Payments – The Who, What and Why

The Who, What and Why of Enabling Business Context in Payments

How many times have you done something – and then realized the Context was different and it was wrong? Then let’s talk about enabling Business Context in Payments

So if context gives us direction and helps us decide what comes next. Depending on the circumstances that surround information, data or demands, then why should it be any different for payments in general — banking in particular?

This video covers expert views and best practices on this subject presented by Balakrishnan (Bala) Narasimhan of iGTB at the Payments Canada Summit.


iGTB ranks #1 in Transaction Banking for the 2nd year in a row

Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB), the world’s first complete Global Transaction Banking platform, retains its #1 Global Leadership position in Transaction Banking a highly competitive segment. 

iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking – London 2019

Banks Learn How to Tap Sustainable Profit From The Gold Rush In Transaction Banking.

iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking – Singapore

The Asian Tiger Singapore showed its hunger for growth and digital transformation when more than 50 participants representing 25 leading Asian banks attended the fourth iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking, held at the Fullerton in Singapore – the first outside its home base, Oxford.

This year, the event was again led by Ted Roosevelt Malloch, CEO, The Roosevelt Group and unearthed a number of practical considerations for banks looking to capitalise on the growth opportunities in Asia. Enhanced by practical design insights from a stellar cast of been-there done-that experienced bankers, the course shares best practices and also allows the participants to test their own designs in practical exercises using “Design Thinking” principles – all to provide optimal solutions to address the key challenges in transaction banking, as well as understand how digital innovations, marketing, economic and attitude of CEO’s can impact transaction banking.

The School was well received by attendees drawn from across the financial services sector, achieving a magnificent Net Promoter Score of 72%, all responses agreeing they would recommend the course, and half scoring it 10/10.

Banks who attended:

  • Investec
  • Mastercard
  • CIBC
  • Bank of America Merill Lynch
  • NatWest
  • Nordea
  • and many more

Courses galleries:

Watch the video to learn more.

Watch CBX Demo at Finovate 2019

We are delighted to have been selected to showcase our Contextual Banking Platform at Finovate 2019 – check out the demo by Mike Rayfield and Herber de Ruijter.

Fintech Power 50 Interview with Herber and Mike

Christophe Langlois, The Fintech Power 50’s CMO caught up with Herber and Mike on demo day at Finovate in London.