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Virtual Account Management Definitive Guide 2.0

There is a time for everything and everything in its time. This is the time for virtual accounts 2.0

Virtual accounts 2.0 is a true revolution. The corporate/bank relationship is being turned on its head and virtual accounts play a key role in democratizing how corporations manage cash with higher levels of maturity and sophistication. Virtual accounts give control to the corporation while at the same time providing measurable benefits to the banks.

These series of papers chart the course of the start of a revolution: a democratization of banking, allowing firms to manage money how they want, including acting on behalf of others.


Join the revolution!

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What Virtual Accounts have become

VA1.0: Basic collections

VA1.1: CM as a service

VA1.2: Enhancing liquidity

VA2.0: Contextual virtual accounts


Why banks offer Virtual Accounts

Aim 1: Manage virtual cash

Aim 2: Manage liquidity

Aim 3: Manage client money


Who needs Virtual Accounts

Client segments

Applicable use cases


How Virtual Accounts work

Three structures

  • Structure 1: Variable corporate hierarchy
  • Structure 2: Fixed Client Money
  • Structure 3: Flat

Who does what

Processing transactions

  • Incoming (COBO)
  • Outgoing (POBO)

How much

How much banks benefit from Virtual Accounts

Business – 7 Benefits

Operations – 2 Benefits

Capital and risk – 5 Benefits

How much

How much corporations benefit from Virtual Accounts

Cash Visibility – 6 Benefits

Operations (treasury) – 7 Benefits

Operations (banking) – 4 Benefits

Risk – 3 Benefits


When Virtual Accounts have delivered

Case studies

So what

Virtual Accounts
Redefine corporate banking


A single global ecosystem of consumerisation for liquidity, investments, deposits, cash management, payments, virtual accounts, trade and supply chain finance powered by Commercial Banking Operating System (CBOS)


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