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What's New for 2023 - Virtual Accounts Management

It's time to redefine your virtual accounts management experience

Discover what's new for 2023 in Virtual Accounts Management

iGTB’s Virtual Accounts Management brings innovation to the forefront of cash management, with account administration truly aligned with the business. Our expert speaker Ashok Vedartham touches base with various topics in this stellar interactive webinar. Some of these topics are:

  • Hierarchal payment decisions
  • Hybrid structures with differential KYC regulations
  • Interest P & L management for in-house banking
  • Automated transfer requests

Discover what's new for 2023 in Virtual Accounts Management.

With marquee features like real-time visual dashboards, unlimited account hierarchy, in-house banking facilities and more, it's time to become the powerhouse solution provider for your customers and boost revenue streams.

Ashok Vedartham

Senior Vice President, iGTB Intellect

Want to know what the influential minds in banking want to know about Virtual Accounts Management?
Catch this Q&A session from the webinar.

  • How is a range of virtual IBANs linked or given in the solution from the bank?
  • Is there real-time limits control in Virtual accounts?
  • Is VAM available on SaaS? How will you manage integrations with  my core and other systems in such a model?
  • What are your preferred/recommended integration formats for payments and account administration with Bank?
  • Can you elaborate on intra group loan and what additional use cases i can achieve with intellect?

Watch the recording now to get answers for answers to all these interesting questions

Discover what's new for 2023 in Virtual Accounts Management. Watch the recording of the webinar now.

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