The future of Central Banking holds a compelling promise to society today; the purview, today, far transcends the traditional role of just monetary and fiscal stability. Central Banks are now tasked with the imperative of helping build more transparent financial systems that augment and amplify the global need for inclusive growth.
As the banking world comes together to discuss and deliberate the future of finance at Sibos in Amsterdam, our team looks forward to creating a blueprint of collaboration that will power Central Banking to the next frontier.
On the 9th of October we are bringing in some of the finest minds in the field to think and work in tandem with you to forge this new reality in Central Banking. Join us a keynote session at the iconic Astoria Waldorf. where we will discuss key industry tenets such as - embracing the digital landscape, succeeding in uncertain times, and driving sustainability and ethics. The session will be followed by vibrant discussions and a lively evening of culture and celebration.

Date: 9th October 2022

Time: 17:00 Onwards


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