How to turn ESG and the Covid effect to your advantage

How to turn ESG and the Covid effect to your advantage

What will sustainable trade look like in the emerging digital world?

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered trade as we know it. Digitalization is the new normal.  Add environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into the mix and a whole new way of conducting business beckons us.

iGTB in partnership with Coalition Greenwich and special guests from HSBC and Coriolis Technologies are pleased to present the virtual event on transforming trade in the digital world on Wednesday 27 October at 9 am BST | 10 am CET | 12 noon GST | 4 pm SGT

In this session participants gain insights into:

  • The effect Covid has had on the relationship between trade, sustainability and regulation
  • What an increased focus on ESG means for the future of trade finance
  • How the financial services industry can deliver better trade finance solutions to help corporates fulfil their ESG goals
  • Whether digital technologies will enable banks to deliver the ‘vaccines’ required to support economic and environmental sustainability

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  Sibel Sirmagul,

Head of Global Trade & Receivables Finance, Europe, HSBC

Dr. Rebecca Harding,

CEO, Coriolis Technologies

Dr. Tobias Miarka,

Co-Head of Banking, Coalition Greenwich

David Hennah,

Global Head of Trade and Supply Chain Finance, iGTB