The drive towards paperless trade

Join iGTB and Essdocs to understand the journey to paperless trade, in this webinar

Wednesday 15 July at 10.30 BST I 11.30 CET l 13.30 GST l 15.00 IST l 17.30 SGT

We are already beginning to see tangible evidence that the most direct consequence of COVID-19 for trade finance will be a mounting pressure and accelerated drive towards digitalisation. Trade finance is a traditionally paper-based business. It typically relies not only on the physical movement of goods (which itself may be constrained) but also the physical movement and manual processing of paper documents. There have long been calls for trade to drag itself into the 21st century by embracing processes which rely less on paper.  COVID-19 is possibly the tipping point that will force accelerated adoption. The only way to make money in Trade Finance in the future will be through digital trade finance.


Alexander Goulandris,



David Hennah,

Head of Trade and Supply Chain Management Solution, iGTB