CBX Platform Overview

Our white-label digital banking platform is abstracted as a set of large-scale distributed services, developer friendly APIs and fully componentized UIs that provide developers with a production ready application container runtime environment with fully automated service deployments. This gives you the option to leverage the platform head-less or through customizable pre-built UI components covering the full spectrum of corporate banking.

CBX is built to enable banks to run lean, experiment, and operate with speed and agility while focusing technology resources on innovation.

  IT Complexity


Extensible through 

Leverages existing 
 skills and knowledge

Omni-Channel, Multi-Region, Multi-Entity 
and Multi-Currency

 Backend Services

Developer Friendly SDKs

Designed for technical usability but with business savvy. Our SDKs enable developers to innovate, rapidly build and extend any CBX capability using popular Open Source 

  • Robust and full-featured SDKs for configuring and extending the capabilities of the baseline product.
  • Leverages popular technologies such as Java and NodeJS with a predefined API design process.
  • Agile implementation of backend processor connectivity by using standardized adaptor patterns.


From authentication, encryption, to approval, CBX’s built-in security mechanisms ensure total visibility and traceability across all transactions.

  • Leverages commercial API gateways with support for access tokens, HMAC request signing, JSON Web tokens, OpenID Connect, LDAP, Social OAuth, and legacy authentication providers.
  • End-to-end TLS encryption with short-lived web tokens and approvals via digital signatures.
  • Provides comprehensive transaction logs with detailed audit trails and correlation dashboards for full visibility and traceability
  • Real-time monitoring and auto-scaling out of the box.

Built in the Cloud, for the Cloud

Designed for the cloud-first enterprise, CBX allows for fast and flexible deployments across any cloud or application environment.

  • Leverages the scalability and elasticity of cloud computing
  • Built for rapid and easy deployment across a wide range of PaaS environments such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, IBM Cloud and OpenShift
  • Infrastructure agnostic allowing for on various cloud such as AWS, GCP, Azure and VMware ESX6, or on-premise and hybrid environments.
  • Built for the ground up with 12-Factor App principles.

Seamless Integration

Integration adapters allow you to plug-in any backend product processor and core banking system, bringing silo-ed applications together in a way that enriches them with extensive channel capabilities.

  • Built-in cartridges for popular core banking systems such as Infosys, Finacle, Oracle, Flexcube, TCS Bancs, Misys Equation, and more
  • Captures data from third party downstream systems and populates related projection stores to participate in Graph API queries.
  • Real-time, asynchronous, event-based data ingestion using a change data capture (CDC) tool at the database level or directly stream information from your data lake into the channel.

Customizable Dashboards
with Graph APIs & Queries

Deploy custom dashboards and new widgets with instant access to cross silo data structures

  • Deploy dashboards and widgets with interactive data queries through our IntelliSense enabled GraphQL studio built around our corporate banking domain model.
  • Return data within the context of cross-vertical relationships in the requested format and lower the complexity of web and mobile front end components.
  • All NFRs – from sorting, grouping, in-line calculations and entitlements enforcement – are completely hands off, ensuring reliable performance while removing complexity from IT.

Containerized Microservice

CBX’s Digital Banking-as-a-Platform is the Swiss Army Knife of service rchestration. Built on a state-of-the-art micro-services architecture, it integrates seamlessly with your existing microservices and is easily extensible with our SDK.

  • Dynamically wire in entitlements, limits, multiple approvers, multifactor authorization and third party approval processes such as AML by configuration.
  • Delivers each microservice as a containerized deployment artifact with Docker and Droplets support.
  • Modular and pluggable architecture that enables easy customization to national and international requirements and regulation.
  • Components are dynamically discoverable and loosely coupled
  • Disposable concurrency and stateless processes – by building share-nothing processes, we take full advantage of horizontal scaling and running multiple concurrent instances of our application.
  • Fully integrable with robust capabilities and features such as circuit breakers, service discovery, load-balancing and integrated health checks.

Componentized UI Assembly

Build customizable UIs with flexible building blocks and a rich library of design assets to draw from.

  • Angular and Typescript based UI development.
  • Easy to assemble UI building blocks with SDKs.
  • Responsive and adaptive UI patterns with accessible markup.
  • Integration with translation memories for localization.

Mobile Deployment

Develop rich mobile banking applications optimized for UX and not just devices.

  • Build hybrid native-like mobile apps for both Android and iOS.
  • Combines both AngularJS and native UI elements.
  • Integrates with native third party mobile SDKs for flexible customization.
  • Extendable and localizable.

Technologies Used