The Contextual Banking Experience

All firms, from SME to multinationals in every industry, want to buy and sell, safely, have the funds to buy and invest the proceeds of sale wisely.
Banks want to be fully digital, drive higher self-service adoption, remain the principal banker of their customers, and upsell and cross-sell their 

Wouldn’t it be great if your banking experience shows actual understanding, even anticipation, of what the business is trying to achieve? Contextual
banking fulfils both these needs.

Contextual Banking Experience (CBX) from iGTB is a white label digital transaction banking platform to manage firms’ cash and trade that leverages Machine
Learning and predictive analytics, delivered through APIs and an omnichannel UX. CBX provides the 400 user journeys that span the full complexity 
of corporate banking as microservices and UI components. This enables banks to accelerate customer self-service and both upsell and
cross sell 
their services by providing clients with context-aware recommendations on the best-next action or best-next offer needed to meet their immediate 

Contextual Banking Delivered

Digital Acceleration

API first. UX led.
Cloud native.

Digital Banking with Open APIs

Prepare to comply. Prepare to complete.
60+ APIs available.

Replace Aging Digital Channels

Reduce Complexity, Decrease Costs,
Accelerate Innovation.

Ready for real-time

Your clients are.

The Holy Grail: Joined up banking

Integrated cash and trade

Innovate on the glass

World-class UX drives high self-service adoption


Transaction Banking

Transform your bank into the disruptive force in the digital financial industry
with our fully integrated transaction banking platform, enabling you to building
solution ecosystems that deliver seamless digital experiences across the
corporate financial supply chain.

  • True convergence of cash management and trade
  • An API-first, digital transaction banking platform coupled with real-time
    readiness for contextual banking
  • Capable of integrating with any channel, device, product engine and 3rd
    party system through APIs.


Liquidity Management

How do you better help them gain a clear and immediate understanding of their
global liquidity position and guide them to the optimum structures? How can you
help your customers optimize their cash in a world of low or negative

Contextual Liquidity management provides:
  • Full online reporting and analytics with on Liquidity Management
    structures such as: Cash Concentration Sweeps, Notional Pools &
    Intercompany Loans
  • Drive corporate self-service for the setup and amendment of structures,
    saving on bank operational overheads
  • Real-time analytics of Liquidity Management structures for your client with
    concise reporting and intuitive data visualizations.
  • Increased bank oversight & awareness of internal funding through
    intercompany loans
  • Release the corporate Treasury Manager to concentrate on value-added


Cash Flow Forecasting

Transform a chore taking hours into something beautifully simple taking minutes. Build a cash balance forecast based on categorised payables and receivables.

Clever use of machine learning highlights likely upcoming payments adding to the data the bank already has plus corporate data.

The forecast becomes an important insight, making the bank a more used and more trusted resource.
  • Simple to integrate into your existing portal
  • Let clients create forecasts in minutes instead of hours
  • Automatically detect upcoming repeat payments
  • Deliver powerful visualisations to simplify complex information to support decision making
  • Simple integration to online ERPs to gather payables & receivables data through APIs
  • Fully self-service, custom forecasts at zero bank effort

Virtual Accounts

Remove operational delays & overheads associated with account opening for both the bank & the corporate, whilst providing a solution that can enhance reconciliations and perfectly match the corporate’s business structure.

CBX Virtual accounts enables a corporate to self-service the full life-cycle of account opening, maintenance & closures in realtime. Used to reflect an organisational structure or to manage payables/receivables reconciliation for specific corporate transactions, our Virtual Account solution provides the full range of banking capabilities associated to normal accounts including payments, collections and reporting. With no limits on account numbers or levels of account hierarchy, this solution offers unrivalled flexibility.

Client Money Management

Client Money Management

Help your customers manage segregation of monies held on behalf their clients, distinct from their own funds, for many different needs involving trust/escrow accounts.

  • Contextualize client money use cases for specific industry and service segments, to handle a variety of escrow and non-escrow scenarios, which includes:
    • Tripartite relationships with escrow agent as an independent 3rd party
    • Bipartite trust relationships with no independent escrow agents
    • Bank that double up as an escrow agent
  • Manage models for both stand-alone escrow accounts and escrow sub-account structures
  • Address standard regulatory compliance needs with bank definable parameters and rules
  • Self-service capabilities for banks to configure different client money/escrow products
  • Built on robust virtual account platform which provides flexibility and unlimited hierarchy

Cash Management

Can a bank provide the right insights necessary to enhance their clients’ cash
conversion cycles? Can you enable them to proactively sustain the financial
health of their enterprise with accurate forecasts of immediate shortfalls and
currency status?

Contextual Cash Management predicts and automates enterprise-wide
cash flows through:
  • Recommended actions that instantly address client needs and increase
    usage of the bank’s products and services.
  • Recommended offers that initiate cross-selling existing or new products
    and services.
  • Real-time modeling of what-if scenarios and alerts to manage forecasts
    and enable early detection of funding shortfalls, FX exposure and trapped
  • A clear calendar of payables and receivables with optimized options, such
    as automating recurring payments, delaying payments based on cash flow.

Contextual Payments

How do you enable your client to optimize every transaction for speed, value, and cost? How can a bank accelerate their customers’ business outcomes and objectives beyond simply enabling a transaction?

Contextual Payments uses data from the underlying message and makes the transaction business aware with:

  • A Unified Payments Wizard that calculates and recommends clear and optimized banking transaction choices based on business data
  • Real-time, 24×7, end-to-end orchestration and life-cycle management solution for enterprise-wide payment flows.
  • Seamless integration to stand-alone product engines – Liquidity Management, Supply Chain Finance, AR/AP and Virtual Accounts.
End to End Payments Capability from iGTB includes:
  • Payments as a Service fully managed cloud hosted payments service
  • ISO Data Manager to manage the enhanced remittance information in ISO20022 messages, convert from MT to MX to MT and create a Remittance Repository.
  • Payments Pre-processing covering validation, enrichment, bulking and debulking and format conversion for corporate bulk payment file
  • Payment Orchestration and Execution full support for last mile clearing and settlement, Nostro accounting, Client Accounting, Fees and FX.
  • Payments Decisioning for checking complex limit structures, net and gross position across 100s of linked accounts before releasing a payment
  • Multiple Payment Types and Rails iGTB PSH includes support for over 75 payment rails across over 30 countries across Real Time, Batch etc such as Canadian LVTS, ACH, NEFT, WIRES, Interac, US ACH, SWIFT, SEPA, SEPA INST etc

Account Services

How can your bank provide clients with global, real-time visibility of their
accounts and transactions? How do you support their banking transactions with intuitive
visualizations and in-depth data analysis? How can you empower them with a
unified control over their funds, regardless of bank, currency, country and
corporate entity?

Contextual Account Services can help your bank provide:
  • Global visibility and analysis of balances by bank, currency, country
    and corporate entity.
  • Configurable data views with support for custom data groupings, single
    reference currency displays, and in-depth drill-downs.
  • Exportable data available in all standard industry formats.
  • Automatically highlights areas that need immediate action with simple
    clicks leading you to their repair.


Collections And Receivables

Can a bank help clients get paid faster, better manage past-due accounts and
reduce days-sales-outstanding ratios? How can they streamline their national
and regional collection mechanisms to accelerate their cash flows?

Contextual Collections and Receivable lets banks equip businesses with:
  • File upload support for new customer details, invoices, cheque collections,
    and direct debit mandates, and transactions.
  • Immediate automated reconciliation and reporting on dedicated virtual
    accounts – from PO creation, to collections and invoice reconciliation.
  • Intelligent analytics on debtor behaviors and payment patterns.
  • Mandate maintenance support and direct debit transactions from the
    sponsor bank’s perspective.

Trade Finance

Digitize Trade Finance and help clients confidently expand to new territories
and grow their business using immediately understandable graphics, data
summaries and actionable recommendations that put their business objectives
at the forefront.

  • Seamless connectivity to bank for processing Letter of credit, Guarantees
    and standby LCs
  • Export Document Presentation under LCs and Documentary Collections
  • 360 degree view of LC transactions to view complete life cycle

Supply Chain Finance

Enhance visibility across the supply chain and let your customers put more
focus on their core businesses by optimizing their daily sales Procure to Pay
(P2P) and Order to Cash(O2C) cycles. Dramatically simplify the way buyers and
sellers transact with each other and manage their payables and receivables by
setting up frictionless and intelligent supply chain programs.

  • Support for Buyer and Supplier centric financing models
  • Seamless counterparties onboarding
  • Take the risk away from your books by offering dynamic discounting


S.W.I.F.T ISO 20022 Converter

The S.W.I.F.T mandate that banks must accept and respond to MX (ISO 20022) XML-formatted messages by November 2021 gives IT teams a problem. Avoid that problem and take ISO 20022 messaging off the critical path with MXMTMX, sitting alongside your SWIFT gateway and protecting your MT-based systems. A simple and straightforward, easy solution.

  • Meet regulatory requirement painlessly
  • No negative impact on the client
  • Fast and simple to implement
  • Affordable solution avoiding the need for S.W.I.F.T conversion bureau fees
  • Fast, scalable and secure with the latest technology stack
  • Can map to any legacy format not just MT
  • For handling MX data that does not map to MT, use the sister solution
  • Remittance Repository to benefit from rich client data

Contextual Banking Experience at Work

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