Consumerisation Of
Commercial Banking

Offer your corporate clients the immense possibilities by
reorienting the end-user's experience

A Single Global Ecosystem
of Consumerisation

for liquidity, investments, deposits, cash management,
payments, virtual accounts, trade and supply chain finance

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Consumerisation is the specific impact that consumer-originated technologies can have on Commercial banking. It reflects how advantage of, enterprises and banks will be affected by, and can take new technologies and models that originate and develop in the consumer space.

What our leader’s say


Commercial Banking is on the cusp of fundamental shifts that will dramatically reorder the industry in the coming decade.

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Uppili Srinivasan, President, Business Head for Digital, Payments and Liquidity in conversation with Paul Hindle, Editor of Fintech Futures on Consumerisation of Commercial Banking.

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Embrace the Technology that Delivers
Consumerisation of Commercial Banking

Modular re-usable blocks that can be wired in a wide variety of ways

Account services' data & dashboards can be composed differently for different client segments (large corporate & small business). 
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Delivering value-added interactions with insights, recommendations & service amplifiers that yields "next-best-action" or "next-best-offer"

Recognize events in real-time, linked to system intelligence and instantly propose next-best-action to for preventive action (in case of low ESG score of investments) or maximize revenue (intuitive cross-sell offers to clients)
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Engineering that enables customers to access ALL of their data regardless of the source without sacrificing control or security

Stepping into a high volume segment like business banking is catered to with the help of guided technology using AI and UX to enable self-onboarding at scale.
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Commercial Banking Operating System (CBOS)

In this innovative quest, iGTB has built an umbrella of differentiated architecture, technology and composable, offerings which we term as Commercial Banking Operating System.

Commercial Banking OS is built for the cloud. This hyperscale technology stack is the basis of composability and contextuality when it comes to building – a robust engine. A technology engine that is architected to deliver high performance, that can easily scale up, cater to the high transaction growth demands of corporates and is highly efficient in corporate banking operations.

A Single Global Ecosystem Of Consumerisation

A single global ecosystem of consumerisation for liquidity, investments, deposits, cash management, payments, virtual accounts, trade and supply chain finance powered by Commercial Banking Operating System (CBOS)

Contextual Products

Offering sharply differentiated set of products with context as the driver.


Combining products for fulfilling holistic needs of the customer.


Combining products, solutions and capabilities from multiple providers.

Banking as a service

Embed services within a customer’s ecosystem, and reshaping consumption patterns of end customers.

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