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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) identified as a leader and "Best in Class" Payments Platform provider

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Aite Novarica Innovation in Cash and Liquidity Management

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Escrow Deposits

Stable source of funding

Low capital requirements as per Basel III norms

Low marketing and distribution costs

Banks across the globe are increasingly focused on expanding their deposit base

Feature rich risk management solution that handles complex corporate cash management & liquidity structures

Compose industry specific escrow products

• Compose products with industry specific nomenclature and workflows

• Layered configuration of product & regulatory rules by jurisdiction & master account

Contextualized and rich banking experience

• Fully contextualized banking experience for escrow agent based on industry segment and use case

• Account nomenclature and transaction flows aligned to industry segment & use case

Transaction Capability

• Transactions supported via directly addressable sub-accounts or via allocation from master account

• Distinct handling of fulfillment and exception flows

High degree of parameterization

• Configure Interest rates at the relationship level or at a more granular level

• Compensate Escrow agent in numerous ways – Compensate independently or based on interest sharing

• Earning and tax reporting by ownership

• Set up jurisdictions and add another layer for configuring regulatory rules

Regulatory compliance

• Support for KYC checks, withholding tax, dormancy/escheatment etc.

• Jurisdiction for regulations can be configured as per use case at country/state/custom levels

• Out-of-the box configuration for US

Interest & Earnings

• Ability to administer bank interest on escrow deposits

• Settlement of interest into account or 3rd party

• Admin fee support for Escrow Agent compliant with regulation

Cloud Native Micro Service Architecture

For high resilience and processing large volumes in partnership with Microsoft Azure and AWS

Contextual banking operating System (CBOS)

Powered by 100% digital operating system: 50+ services, 500+ APIs

API First

Build internal ecosystems with open APIs, externally with Open Banking APIs (1000+ APIs across complete digital platform)

100% cloud native & cloud Provider agnostic

Build on micro-services. Deploy on any cloud. Guaranteed: zero lines of legacy code


Designed to be extendable

Industry speak​

Joseph Giarraputo
President & Editorial Director,
Global Finance

A market-leading global transaction banking platform, iGTB provides global coverage for its Virtual Account Management (VAM) solution across five continents and 18 countries. iGTB’s Virtual Account Management offers corporate banking clients a seamless customer journey and user experience across multiple business segments.

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