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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) Virtual Accounts Management Ranked #1 And Rated "Best-in-class" In Datos Insights Vendor Guide

iGTB's Virtual Accounts Management Ranked #1 And "Best-in-class" by Datos

This Datos Insights (Aite Group) Vendor Guide ratified iGTB VAM as the leader with the focus on vendor stability, client strength, product features, and client services in the space of virtual account management (VAM) platforms.

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“Best In Class” in Virtual Accounts Management

A comprehensive, cloud native solution, available on-prem and as a SaaS offering that transforms your transaction banking. business. Intellect’s dominance can be summarized in the vendor’s go-to-market capability, ease of integration, the rich suite of products, the overall value-for-cost, and the specific VAM capabilities encompassing sub-accounting features and extensibility to BaaS.

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Superior Virtual Accounts Management Solution

iGTB's Virtual Accounts solution, powered by an advanced sub-accounting platform, is designed to transform the corporate treasury operations - with enablement of straight through reconciliation, sophisticated payment factory, in-house banking and a robust client money management solution.

The solution's comprehensive self-service capability allows the customer to open/close virtual accounts, transact using these accounts, manage limits and interest on inter-company positions and reconciliations thus enabling flexibility and complete control.

iGTB VAM Datos Report
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Excellence in Product Performance

Intellect enjoys the leadership position by combining its stability in the market with the strength demonstrated in attending to its clients with superior product performance.

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Strategic Initiatives and Innovations

A fully cloud-native solution with the VA platform expanded to address the sub-accounting use cases, including escrow; this also covers regulatory compliance through a bank-user configurable solution and significantly reduces dependency on the vendor to meet local regulatory requirements. Also the product is enabled with BaaS infrastructure

Datos Insights Analysis

Datos Insights Analysis

Providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution that encompasses VAs and escrow accounts, with both off-book and on-book functionalities along with configurable regulatory compliance rules, it is observed that competitors in the market are adopting Intellect's positioning as a benchmark to adapt their own proposition and eventually catch up.


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