Transaction Limits Management

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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) Launches Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) Launches Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

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Transaction Limits Management

Transaction Limits Management

Breaches. Eliminated.

Real time risk and limits management solution to optimize corporate liquidity and working capital

Seamlessly process payments for your large corporate clients

Client level aggregation of balances and risk limits for each transaction

Offer clients the ability to utilize all funds available at the bank level

Clients benefit from payments that execute immediately

Real-time, auditable, centralized payments authorization

The world’s best real time balance netting system for payments funds control

Feature rich risk management solution that handles complex corporate cash management and liquidity structures

Netting Balances

Minimize payments in referral due to fund-check reasons by netting balances across 1000’s of accounts in a client limit structure

Limit Sharing

Increase client satisfaction and STP and reduce risk by sharing limits across subsidiaries of the same legal entity

Auto Retry

Timely release of payments through automated algorithmic retry via robotic process automation (RPA), improves referral / exception processing, reduces operation cost and ensures that a cut off is not missed

Balance Builder

Lower bank risk and better client limit utilization with real time limits exposure control, using the balance builder to handle net and gross limits, daylight exposure limits and overdraft limits

Customer Delight

Enhance client satisfaction, reduce operations cost and risk by sophisticated payments limits check that take into account client liquidity and cash management structures and even intercompany loans

Fund Check Models

Superior control by applying multiple fund check models such as limit-based, balance based and many others to meet client needs

What’s in it for the banks?

Banks benefit from payments with less risk and less cost using real time automated risk computation formulas.

Banks can use a transaction limits management system to check balances and limits in real time and give a pay/no pay/refer decision saving the bank in operational cost and Base III risk provisioning.

Business Value

Business Value

Fewer transactions in referral leading to higher client satisfaction
Offer complex structures to a client leveraging LMS structures as well

Capital and Risk Management Value

Lesser overdraft means lesser Basel III risk provisioning
Lesser risk of breaching a monitored limit

Operational Value

Operational Value

Reduced operational cost by reduction of payments in referral to under 0.1 %
Easy enquiry for rapid remediation / addressing client queries / cut off referral etc.

What’s in it for the clients?

Clients benefit from payments that execute immediately using real time balances and limits to the fullest.

Corporate treasures have always wished for real time pooling of funds across an account hierarchy and allowing a subsidiary to utilize funds in a parent account or from another subsidiary which may have surplus funds.

Enhanced Limit Utilization

Enhanced Limit Utilization screen

Leverage group limits by pooling balances and pooling limits across subsidiaries
Use sanctioned limits at the bank level to the fullest

Faster Payments

Same-day payments and certainty of payments especially for critical payments like salary, tax and vendor payments
Clients can benefit from real-time funding solutions even in situations where their cash flow forecasting may not go as planned

Maximize Working Capital

Allows companies to maximize their working capital and eliminates the need for manual funding and forecasting, thereby saving hours of work and reducing the administrative costs associated with external and subsidiary borrowing

Cloud Native Microservices Architecture

For high resilience and processing large volumes in partnership with Microsoft Azure and AWS

Microservices Architecture

Loosely coupled, self contained services

API First

Build internal ecosystems with open APIs

100 % Cloud Native

Flexibility to deploy on any public cloud platforms

Pluggable Backends

Integrate any backend or application gracefully with pluggable integrations


With layers of security, ready for public or private cloud deployment

No Vendor Lock In

Usage of open source components based on CNCF

Proven in live use at multiple banks for nearly a decade 15 countries across America & Europe

Proven in live use at multiple banks for nearly a decade

15 countries across Americas & Europe

Breaches. Eliminated.