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Intellect, headquartered in Chennai, India, is proud of its tradition on innovation, having opened the world’s first Fintech Design Centre in 2013, made the first real international blockchain payment (AUD10 from NAB in Australia to CIBC Canada) in 2015 and many other world firsts.

We are in the process of patenting some inventions in our products and this page has details. If you would like more details, please ask for a discussion by emailing

4986/CEH/2015 Client device type agnostic data communication from a business entity - applied for in India, 2015

Product: DTB. Services information requests from a client device in a format agnostic to the type of the client device. Supplemental information is generated to reconstruct the information requested in a format compatible with rendering and viewing in the specific type of the client device. The servicing and the generation of the supplemental information is done at a server representing a business entity.

4988/CHE/2015 data control of aspects of a functionality provided through a business computing platform – applied for in India, 2015

Product: DTB. Entitlement data is evaluated for the context actions applicable to the functionality, and data associated with the functionality to which the context actions are applicable are mapped to a user at a registered client device. Capabilities of the user are controlled with respect to the functionality based on the mapping.

Contextual addressing of an inquiry from an account participating in a number of products

Optimized segregation of an operational and a non-operational balance of an account with an entity

Contextual transactional mechanism implemented in a computing platform

4987/CHE/2015 communication between business applications within a workspace provided through a business computing platform – applied for in India, 2015

Product: DTB. Creates a virtual display canvas through a computing platform with a number of applications (related to features) laid out thereon, and creates an event space related to the virtual display canvas at the same memory space as that of the virtual display canvas at the client level so that one event related to an application can lead to modification of one or more other application(s) laid out on the virtual display canvas faster.

4989/CHE/2015 enabling context action capability within a business application provided through a business computing platform – applied for in India, 2015​

Product: DTB. A number of context actions are defined for a parameter of data rendered on an application (say, on a virtual display canvas). The state of the parameter is dynamically determined in response to a direct action (say, a user moving a cursor to the parameter; an example parameter would be Return on Investment (ROI) on a graph application) by the user. Because a number of context actions have been defined, one or more of those context actions is dynamically linked to the state of the parameter (for example, other recommended investment options may be the dynamically linked context action). Now the user executing the application is presented with an option to perform the dynamically linked context action (say, switch to a recommended investment option) through the virtual display canvas.

Virtual account based transactions through a computing platform