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The Future of Corporate Payments in Digital Era

8 critical factors that will help you become
The Principal Banker

The Future of Corporate Payments in Digital Era

Why Choosing the Right Payments Hub Matters

Non-traditional competition (Fintech) have expanded the ecosystem, introducing newer business models that previously existed outside the typical banking framework

By centralising payments, treasury has complete visibility to all outgoing cash flows in one place

The surge in payment volumes due to real-time transfers with strict regulations, necessitates a robust Payment Hub strategy.

Explores eight critical factors that guide your bank in making informed decision, using real-world examples.

Enhance services and meet the evolving needs of your expanding client base.

Importance of Right Payments Hub

Revolutionise User Experience and
helps Achieve Customer Goals

Processing Large Transaction Files

Processing Large Transaction Files

Seamlessly process large transaction files while enabling split file functionality with traceable parent-child linkage for efficient file management and origin tracking, saving time and effort

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Single File Upload for Multiple Payment Products

Such as low/high-value payments, deferred time settlement payments, and account-to-account transfers

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Partial File Processing

Selective processing of payment files with valid transactions being processed while invalid ones are rejected

Centralized Funds Control

Centralized Funds Control

Need sophisticated funds control module to enable checking net and gross limits / DEL /ODL before releasing a payment in real-time

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Priority Processing

A payment hub that can prioritize payments / files based on urgency, cut-off time, currency and other factors

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Customized Processing for Host-to-Host Files

Accommodate diverse customer preferences, straight-through processing (STP) for ERP-generated files or prior front-office approval, if needed

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