The Corporate Cash Time Machine

The consumerization of corporate banking means that corporate cash managers expect an enormous amount from their banks, and the ability to accurately forecast cash flows is paramount.  iGTB is delighted to bring, this webinar on the key need of the hour: cash flow forecasting

The corporate cash time machine.

  • Know your position in real time and in future time
  • Slide your finger right to see into the future.
  • The perils of cash flow forecasting. And the right way to do it.

Never has it been more important than as we emerge from lockdown. Never has it been more crucial to know your future.

Control your destiny, or it will control you.


Mike Rayfield

Senior Vice President, iGTB


Ronald Wanink

Founder, IPAdama


We bring you the recording of this session, so you can watch, learn, analyse and take away the insights at your convenience. 
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