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Day 4 of Sibos: A symphony of moments, memories, and milestones, marking the climax of our spectacular journey.

As the curtain falls on Sibos 2023, we are here to encapsulate the final day’s moments, memories, and milestones. The journey has been nothing short of spectacular, and Day 4 was the perfect culmination.

Customers @ Sibos - Banking Brilliance on Display

Before diving into our day, a nod to the impressive booth setups of our cusotmer that caught our eye. Kudos to our fellow banks for their creativity and innovation:

Lloyds Bank | RBC | ANZ | Societe Generale | CIBC | BNY Mellon | J.P. Morgan | BMO | BNP Paribas | SEB | Barclays | Raiffeisen Bank | Crédit Agricole | Santander

Maple Syrup Moment

We are happy to say that iGTB Marketing also stole some of the attention and Prize in the Trade Finance Global Poll where we won a lovely bottle of Canadian Maple Syrup. A sweet victory indeed! I know the team back home is waiting for a taste of that Maple Syrup. 

Media Marvels

Uppili Srinivasan was in the spotlight, with an exclusive interview by Financial IT. We’re on the edge of our seats for the video release. Stay tuned

Upps was in the spotlight, with an exclusive interview by Financial IT

In The News

Our innovations and insights didn’t go unnoticed. Here’s a roundup of media mentions to catch up on over the weekend:

FF News – Intellect’s groundbreaking iGTB Copilot launch

IBS Intelligence – A deep dive into iGTB Copilot’s capabilities

Financial IT – Unveiling the future with iGTB Copilot

CIO & Leader – The dawn of iGTB Copilot

The Free Press Journal – iGTB Copilot: The game-changer

Techcircle – Transforming banking with iGTB Copilot

Technology Record – iGTB’s monumental Copilot suite launch

The Fintech Times – Day One roundup from Toronto

PYMNTS – The potential of Generative AI in banking

PYMNTS – The potential of Generative AI in banking

The Road Ahead

With the accolades for iGTB Copilot, the awards, and the invaluable interactions, we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible. The future of banking beckons, and we’re leading the charge. We need to now with rigour keep the momentum towards the next steps with all customers. Let us all now focus on converting the dialogues into focus action and finally conversion.