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Cash Management

Can a bank provide the right insights necessary to enhance their clients’ cash conversion cycles?

Cash Management predicts and automates enterprise-wide cash flows through:

  • Recommended actions that instantly address client needs and increase usage of the bank’s products and services.
  • Recommended offers that initiate cross-selling existing or new products and services.
  • Real-time modeling of what-if scenarios and alerts to manage forecasts and enable early detection of funding shortfalls, FX exposure and trapped
  • A clear calendar of payables and receivables with optimized options, such as automating recurring payments, delaying payments based on cash flow.

Account Services

How can your bank provide clients with global, real-time visibility of their accounts and transactions? How do you support their banking transactions with intuitive visualizations and in-depth data analysis? How can you empower them with a unified control over their funds, regardless of bank, currency, country and corporate entity?

Account Services can help your bank provide:

  • Global visibility and analysis of balances by bank, currency, country and corporate entity.
  • Configurable data views with support for custom data groupings, single reference currency displays, and in-depth drill-downs.
  • Exportable data available in all standard industry formats.
  • Automatically highlights areas that need immediate action with simple clicks leading you to their repair.
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Contextual Account Services
Contextual Collections Receivables

Collections & Recievables

Can a bank help clients get paid faster, better manage past-due accounts and reduce days-sales-outstanding ratios? How can they streamline their national and regional collection mechanisms to accelerate their cash flows?

Contextual Collections and Receivable lets banks equip businesses with:

  • File upload support for new customer details, invoices, cheque collections, and direct debit mandates, and transactions.
  • Immediate automated reconciliation and reporting on dedicated virtual accounts – from PO creation, to collections and invoice reconciliation.
  • Intelligent analytics on debtor behaviors and payment patterns.
  • Mandate maintenance support and direct debit transactions from the sponsor bank’s perspective.