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Craft Your Digital Transformation Legacy

CIO Model for the cloud-first world

CIOs and CTOs that run the bank IT can reap immense value from cloud platforms by reimagining the three levers of digital business-technology transformation:

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Commercial Acumen


IT Acumen


Operational Acumen

How do I realize returns on my tech investment within a single budget cycle?

It takes at least a few years to demonstrate a tangible return on transaction banking technology CAPEX investments to my board. Technology partners take many months to implement the product stack and my business teams take even more months to onboard customers and collect fees!

What should I do?

Cut the time to commercialize by 4X to 6X by adopting iGTB Cloud - which can go-live in weeks rather than months with rapid implementation, faster onboarding and pre-configured industry proven domain packs built into the platform. Its time to leapfrog and change the game.

Commerical Accumen

How do I modernize without rip-&-replace approach of my existing tech investments?

If it isn’t broken, don’t-fix-it mindset is saddling me with a lot of legacy technology. How do I balance that and still adopt rapidly modernizing Open Banking, brand new transaction banking capabilities and customer friendly intelligent technologies to beat my competitors? Technology needs to lead the bank in the race to grab corporate & SME share of wallet.

What should I do?

Invest into a cloud platform from iGTB which has best-of-breed technology capabilities ready for MENA region, with built in corporate Open Banking APIs and omnichannel contextual UI/UX. More importantly, future-proof your investments with a progressive modernization upgrade roadmap built by iGTB’s transaction banking specialists backed with 30 years of experience in the region.

It Acumen

Running my own data centres is an operational nightmare in terms of staffing, skills, runaway costs and managing peak loads.

My infrastructure stack of on-premise data centres, my operational support staff training and my struggle to be elastic to business cycles –are all increasing my complexity and overheads! The costs keep growing and optimizing this annually is becoming a difficult & cumbersome exercise.

What should I do?

Cloud-based fully-managed services by iGTB is the model that can provide you a clean slate to solve all of this. With a unified platform on the cloud, specialized asset knowledge and IT infrastructure management all built-it, and powered by a powerful scale-up/scale-down elasticity with infrastructure planning, you can reign in and get control of this complexity. Moreover IT staff can be better deployed into high-value design and architecture functions for new business growth.

Operational Accumen

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