Liquidity Management Solution

Contextual Liquidity Management

How do you better help clients gain a clear and immediate understanding of their global liquidity position and guide them to the optimum structures? How can you help your customers optimize their cash in a world of low or negative interest?


  • Multiple sweep types available
  • Fund Transfer algorithms
  • Varied execution option
  • Reporting and MIS options
  • Transaction control
  • Choice of balance conditions

Notional Pooling

  • Traditional balance set off model
  • Hybrid pools
  • Non set off models
  • Powerful interest engine
  • Interest/benefit distribution

Intercompany Loans (ICL)

  • Different loan types supported
  • Limit management
  • Lifecyle management

Global Deposit Manger

  • Different deposit types supported
  • Dynamic pricing linked to CASA accounts
  • Flexible pricing and definitions
  • Placement & withdrawal options

OPAC Manager

  • Comprehensive cash behaviour information
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Helps deliver better balance sheet management
  • Detailed drill downs from balance sheet view to individual accounts


  • Client portal supporting all investment needs and analytics
  • Complete investment lifecycle management through back end processors
  • Customer self service

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