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The Bank of Tomorrow:
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This e-guide delves into the framework that will help banks and FIs to make an informed decision on whether to “build or buy”.

Key Highlights​

This e-guide highlights a 9-point framework that will enable readers to decide whether to build or buy a modern trade finance solution.

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The trade finance industry has undergone substantial changes over the past 10 years. In 2022, a study highlighted a $2 trillion deficit in trade finance provision, accounting for almost 10% of the world’s trade

The disruptions caused by the pandemic exacerbated the shortfall in trade finance. Without proactive measures, this deficit is anticipated to persist for an extended period.

Digitalization is revolutionizing not only the trade finance sector but also wider industries. Both banks and non-bank financial institutions are encouraged to proactively and strategically embrace this digital shift

There’s an ongoing debate regarding whether to develop trade finance solutions in-house or to collaborate with seasoned enterprises. The decision often hinges on the value of global expertise and the need for tailored trade finance solutions.

A framework of 9 key points to guide banks in choosing the best strategy for developing a robust trade finance solution.

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