Transform liquidity management from zero-sum to win-win

Normally corporations benefit from liquidity management at the expense of the bank, whether from having to offer pool interest rates, running limit risks or fundamentally, taking high risk assets such as non-operational accounts onto the bank’s balance sheet.

“Every dollar of corporate liquidity is a dollar of bank liability.” But recent developments in liquidity mean we can satisfy corporations without compromising the bank.

iGTB in partnership with Coalition Greenwich and special guests from Société Générale and Unilever are pleased to present the virtual event on transforming liquidity management from a zero-sum game to a win-win for all stakeholders

In this session participants gain insights into:

  • Research survey finding of treasurers’ pain points
  • Data on banks’ current large appetite and how banks can create the win-win
  • Intelligent ways for banks to manage corporate liquidity in a way that benefits their balance sheet and HQLA


Philippe Penichou

Philippe Penichou,
MD, Head of Payment & Cash Management
International Network, Société Générale

Philip Sasse

Philip Sasse
Vice President Treasury,

Dr. Tobias Miarka

Dr. Tobias Miarka,
Co-Head of Banking,
Coalition Greenwich

Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen,
Head of Liquidity Management
Solution, iGTB


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