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The Value of Contextual Virtual Accounts

Revolutionize working capital,liquidity and cash management

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The Value of Contextual Virtual Accounts

Corporations seek ways and means to optimize working capital and liquidity, manage risk and decrease cost of their treasury operations.

Banks seek ways to develop their competitive edge with innovative products that reduce cost of delivery, increase fee income, optimize capital and create the ‘stickiness’ with corporations to gain and maintain market share.

Virtual Accounts are helping push the envelope of Transactions Banking offering in today’s times.

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The Value Of Contextual Virtual Accounts

In this webinar speakers from BNY Mellon, former Santander N.A. and iGTB discuss three key items

  • How virtual accounts are emerging as one of the best tools to contextualize the transaction banking offering to the corporate’s business and financial life cycle
  • How virtual accounts are helping to create real time cash management offering leveraging real time payments which is a global trend
  • How virtual accounts are emerging as a new tool for managing corporate liquidity, a.k.a., liquidity re-imagined.

Our Speakers

Varun Yadav 150x150 1 1

Varun Yadav

Principal, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon

Michael Sutor 150x150 1 1

Michael Sutor

Transaction Banking Director, former Head of Liquidity, Santander, N.A.

Bala 150x150 2

Balakrishnan Narasimhan

Senior Vice President and Head of Solution Consulting, iGTB

We bring you the recording of this session, so you can watch, learn, analyse and take away the insights at your convenience.​