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Three Sub-Accounting Strategies Banks Are Adopting​

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Three Sub-Accounting Strategies Banks Are Adopting

Three Sub-Accounting Strategies Banks Are Adopting
Sub-Accounting is not exactly a new concept for North American banks, who on many occasions have built and deployed tactical solutions (like virtual accounts, escrow sub-accounts, etc.) when treasury clients came up with varying asks to segregate bank accounts to meet their specific needs.

iGTB, with guest speakers from Fifth Third Bankand Synovus, hosted the webinar on Sub-Accounting strategies for banks, to leap ahead of their competition.

Banks are now realizing that solving a specific sub-accounting need for a specific client is tactical at best, cannot be replicated or reused for the most part, and typically leads them down the high-overhead path of hand-crafted solutions that are not scalable

Three Sub Accounting Strategies 1
Three Sub Accounting Strategies 2

Watch the Recording of the Webinar and Learn:

  • What exactly are these 3 strategies, and how banks are adopting these into their offerings?

  • What are the types of problems that banks are trying to solve?

  • What is driving the urgency now, more than ever, to focus on rolling out sub-accounting solutions?

  • What our experts are suggesting to banks that are looking to roll out sub-accounting solutions.

Our Speakers

Bridgit Chayt 150x150 1

Bridgit Chayt

Head of Commercial Payments & Treasury Management Fifth Third Bank

Seth 150x150 1

Seth Marlowe

Head of Treasury Strategy & Product Innovation Synovus

Bala 150x150 1 1

Balakrishnan Narasimhan

Head of Solution Consulting Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB)

We bring you the recording of this session, so you can watch, learn, analyse and take away the insights at your convenience.​