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Discover the Magic of Transaction Limits Management: It’s Beyond Savings, to an Unparalleled Customer Experience

Discover the Magic of Transaction Limits Management: It’s Beyond Savings, to an Unparalleled Customer Experience

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Let me begin this by taking you all to, the mystical city of Financia, Banks stood as towering fortresses, guardians of wealth and power. Yet, in their grandeur, they grapple with an age-old adversary: the challenge of high-stakes corporate payments. In a world governed by the ticking clock, delays were a bane, costing fortunes and opportunities. Then, as if summoned from the annals of legend, Intellect Global Transaction Banking’s (iGTB's) Transaction Limits Management (TLM) arrived on the scene. It wasn’t just another tool; it felt as if Financia had discovered an ancient artifact destined to reshape the world of banking.

Let me now move to the current world.

The Dawn of a Banking Revolution: iGTB's Transaction Limits Management (TLM)

Traditional banking methods, with their long-established protocols, often falter under the load of real-time, high-stake corporate payments. But where they stumble, iGTB's Transaction Limits Management emerges as a banking renaissance, redefining strategies, introducing resilience, and unlocking unprecedented savings.

Cutting Through the Corporate Payments Labyrinth

The essence of corporate payments is decision-making. Decisions that are both swift and unerring. With its adept ability to authorize payments against the backdrop of balances, limits, and a plethora of auditable rules and formulae, TLM stands as a harbinger of change. At the heart of TLM lies an intricate limit structure comprising up to 8 levels, and seamlessly harmonizing with over 10 distinct limit types.

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By aligning the limit structure hierarchy with the corporate structure, TLM ensures efficient sharing of balances and limits among subsidiaries, helping corporates utilize bank limits to the fullest. For a bank, TLM strengthens risk management, by managing exposure at various levels.

Furthermore, by strategically relocating corporate payment decisions outside the bank's core banking and payments engine, TLM keeps these critical functions lean and optimized, bolstering efficiency, accuracy, and real-time payment approvals.

The TLM Advantage: A Multifaceted Savings Spectrum

1. Transforming Operational Efficiency: At the epicenter of TLM's transformative journey is its operational prowess. It bids adieu to the cumbersome manual referral processes, replacing them with its avant-garde auto-retry feature. This evolution results in operational cost reductions, potentially saving millions for financial institutions.

2. Championing Regulatory Alignment “We really don’t want to reject high value payments of our large corporate clientele. My client relationship and credit team were maintaining very high overdrafts at each account level, and this came at a huge cost to our bank since we had to provision under Basel III for these facilities and it impacted our bottom line.” - Transaction Banking Head at a large bank

The problem is real. The quote above is from one of our esteemed clients, a prominent figure in the banking industry.

Now, with the implementation of TLM, a remarkable transformation occurred. By intelligently optimizing limit allocations in TLM, our client was able to adeptly tackle Basel III provisioning costs. This strategic adjustment not only eliminated the need for maintaining excessively high intraday overdraft limits but also led to improved compliance and enhanced cost efficiencies.

3. Fuelling Revenue Expansion Within the realm of corporate banking, a multitude of banks are grappling with challenges in onboarding new-age tech clients, like the TikTok’s of the world. These clients often usher in sudden surges of high-volume transactions, capable of overwhelming conventional payment systems, potentially leading to service disruptions. However, with TLM's robust capabilities, banks can seamlessly onboard such clients, ensuring uninterrupted services even during periods of heavy transactional load.

Moreover, TLM introduces innovative features, ranging from the Multi-Option Facility (MOF) to Client Money Management to Real-Time Cross-Border Liquidity Sharing, widening its appeal to a varied clientele.

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A 1-point enhancement in the CX Index score can trigger a remarkable $123 million in additional revenue

4. Redefining Customer Experience (CX)
A 1-point enhancement in the CX Index score can trigger a remarkable $123 million in additional revenue Source: Forrester

In an era where customer experience is paramount, TLM stands as a gold standard. By facilitating real-time payment releases, streamlining operations, and enabling efficient limit and balance sharing, TLM fosters customer loyalty, resulting in tangible revenue gains.

iGTB Wins Trade Finance Global Treasury & Payments Award 2023
iGTB Wins Trade Finance Global Treasury & Payments Award 2023

It's no surprise that TLM recently clinched the title of the best solution in Treasury and Payments, presented by Trade Finance Global (TFG) in the vibrant city of Toronto. This achievement serves as a testament to TLM's pivotal role within iGTB's suite of payment products. Notably, this suite has been rated #1 by Datos Insights (formerly Aite Novarica), further solidifying TLM's position as an industry leader.

Beyond Operations: TLM as a Strategic Powerhouse

TLM's narrative transcends operational efficiencies. It's an invitation to a world of tangible returns, a world where strategy meets execution.

…. So,

In the annals of Financia, the rise of TLM will be remembered as a turning point—a moment when banks didn’t just adapt but transformed.

For those ready to embark on this transformative journey, the "iGTB TLM Savings Calculator" awaits. Delve into TLM’s universe, fathom its unmatched potential, and let it revolutionize your banking narrative. Reach out to iGTB today and unlock the future of banking with TLM.


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