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Prediction Proves the Rule: CBX and the Cash-Flow Forecaster


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Prediction Proves the Rule: CBX and the Cash-Flow Forecaster

The CBX dashboard is the essence of iGTB’s persona-based workflow and deep learning-driven analytics.

When switch on your CBX and the Cash-Flow Forecaster dashboard, you see a great deal of information, all of which is filtered to focus on key items. CBX has already done that for you.

It has filtered all the trusted data from banks, applied its algorithm, assessed your past behavior, and thrown up a list of insights that require action. All relevant to the current context: amount, currency, validity, and policy.  As a result, you never log in to the same screen twice.

It now asks you to choose between various strategies to deal with the current problem.

CBX does not wait for you to wade through transaction history, it does it on its own and presents its insights in real-time.

This is why CBX excels at cash-flow forecasting and providing actionable insights based on such forecasts. It enables you to avoid exposures, prevent accounts from going into the red, make the most of favorable exchange rates. Thus maximize investment returns.

Suppose CBX and the Cash-Flow Forecasterdetects a forex exposure. It now needs to refine this forecast, and syncs with any third-party tools you use. The forecast will be more detailed, but CBX lets you accept, amend or reject any insights based on new or existing data.

Once you filter the new data, CBX recommends actions based on cost, speed, and risk.

Now you can choose between several carefully curated actions.

With a single click and you can buy foreign currency, enter into a forward contract or take any and all actions suited to deal with a forex exposure.

CBX’s proactive analytics keeps you in control and gives you freedom of choice. As a result, you never log in to the same screen twice.

And you rarely have to make the same decision twice: if CBX detects a forex exposure again, it will remind you of your previous decision, and ask if you want to act as before.

This is the virtuous cycle of AI-enhanced insights and user-driven actions. CBX only gets better with each decision you take – it becomes part of future forecasts.

CBX and the Cash-Flow Forecaster, all is grist to the million.