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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) identified as a leader and "Best in Class" Payments Platform provider

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Aite Novarica Innovation in Cash and Liquidity Management

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Payments. Simplified.

An end to end solution for initiation, orchestration, execution and management of payments in a contextual, real time and API enabled ecosystem

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iGTB’s Anytime Universal Payments

Achieve friction-free end-to-end straight-through processing (STP), domestic and cross-border interoperability and seamless integration with IGTB Payments

Both within the bank’s applications and externally with other bank systems is key to competitive differentiation and success.

Intellect iGTB payment solution - differentiators

Get ahead of the competition with real-time corporate payments execution

Contextual Banking Experience (CBX)

To help corporate and SME clients originate payments on a rich contextual omni-channel platform

Payments Service Hub

Bulking, Debulking, Validation, Enrichment, Orchestration and PSR generation

ISO 20022 Remittance Data Management

That helps banks create a remittance repository and monetize the investment in iso20022

Contextual Payments Engine

Based on rules to give recommendations of cheapest and fastest rails and other AI/ML based recommendations for upsell and cross sell

Transaction Limits Management

Real time payments exposure control across complex client account structures helping banks minimizes risk

Virtual Accounts and Liquidity Management

Pre-integrated with the payment's platform for a holistic digital transaction banking experience, to help banks offer POBO, COBO, receivables reconciliation, and other VAS

What’s in for the Banks

Path to faster Payments Modernization

Designed to help banks successfully
transform and modernize their corporate payments at scale

Real Time Processing

  • 24x7x365 Instant Payments
  • Support all real-time rails
  • Instant authorization-settlement-notification

Analytics & Insights

  • Single view dashboard and CXO insights
  • Trend, referral and exception analytics
  • Customer/segment/product analytics

ISO 20022

  • Support for SWIFT MX, CBPR+ and ISO20022 formats
  • Enhanced and structured remittance data
  • Remittance repository, remittance API’s and monetization of remittance data

360 Degree Centralized Monitoring

  • Real-time visibility
  • Transaction trend insights
  • Business activity monitoring

Marketplace enabled

  • Payments-as-a-service
  • Potential partner ecosystem of Fintech’s

What’s in it for the clients?

​​Accelerate your customers business outcomes

Go beyond and above of enabling a
payment transaction, become The Principal Bank

Contextual Payments

Unified engagement hub that enhances channel experiences. Contextual, personalized interactions with insights and recommendations to initiate cross-border corporate payment

Advanced Analytics

Highly customizable dashboards using solution models that learns from historical behaviours basis recent transaction, currency, preferred accounts, payments rails and others


Recommending the next best actions. Driving urgency and having payments executed immediately, upcoming payments notification in turn helps in managing the cash flow across accounts

Enhance Customer Experience

Friction-free seamless experience for business users, at scale for multiple personas such as product managers, operational manager, credit risk manager and others

Tailored UX

Thoughtful reference UX, supporting a spectrum of UI models to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and verticals.

Built on the most advance architecture to future-proof your payments ecosystem

A modern payments platform enables you to become agile, flexible and scalable.

Modular micro-service, cloud native architecture

High availability, zero downtime, CI-CD based deployment

Designed on Springboot, to run on any private or public cloud

Openshift deployment via a cluster of containers, monitored by an orchestration engine

Inbuilt resilience via robust rules, validations, and native retry logic

Data security at all level i.e. application, network, database, API and many others

Out of the box multi format, multi protocol integration layer

What do clients have to say?

CIBC Is focused on innovation that makes a difference for our clients and leveraging IGTB's payments platform enhances our ability to deliver new capabilities, support emerging technologies such as blockchain, and positions us well to lead in the rapidly evolving payments market in Canada and the United States as they move towards real time payments
Phil Griffiths
SVP & Head of Global Transaction Banking, CIBC

Transaction Limits Management

Real time risk and limits management solution to optimize corporate liquidity and working capital

Reimagined. Redesigned.



Transaction Limits Management


Payments Limits Management in a Real-Time World


How to unlock the true value of ISO 20022?


PAYMENTS DONE PROPERLY: Key to Operational efficiency

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