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Bank and Corporate Liquidity Management

The Yin and The Yang

1 Min

Aite Group’s Innovation Forum talks about Bank and Corporate Liquidity Management – The Yin and The Yang

iGTB is pleased to be a Platinum Sponsor of Aite Group’s Third Annual Innovation in Cash Management and Payments Forum which highlights Bank and Corporate Liquidity Management. Attend this dynamic and interactive conference to discuss the latest trends and innovations within the cash management and payments industry as financial institutions look to successfully operate in a new normal.

While banks and corporations have traditionally kept them separate, liquidity strategies and operations are now working together like interconnected cogs. Be a part of the discussions on the theory that liquidity management strategies create a nearly imperceptible connection between banks and corporations


Picture of Gregory Malosh

Gregory Malosh

Managing Director,Treasury Services,
BNY Mellon

Picture of Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen

Head of Liquidity, iGTB


Picture of Enrico Camerinelli

Enrico Camerinelli

Senior Analyst, Aite Group

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