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Meet Us at GFMI 2018

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Meet Us at GFMI 2018

Join industry expert Michel Jacobs, Executive Vice President of iGTB for an insightful session analyzing new advances in transaction banking, from AI and real-time payments to APIs and open banking. This session will equip delegates with strategies to evolve their bank to become an integral part of a corporates supply chain as an added value partner and advisor.

Key Reasons to Attend:

  • Strengthen infrastructure to seamlessly integrate emerging technologies within corporate banking product streams.
  • Customize corporate client experiences to provide unique and tailored digital solutions.
  • Leverage private label outsourcing to meet client needs.
  • Increase client engagement to customize experiences and improve satisfaction.
  • Assess the commercial potential of APIs.
  • Understand how open banking can be a catalyst for further innovation in your firm.

Speaker Session

Topic: Evolving your bank to become an integral part of your corporates supply chain.
Speaker: Michel Jacobs, EVP – Global Sales and Head Digital & Payments, iGTB.
Date: November 29 at 11:30 am.
Location: Downtown Conference Center, New York, USA.

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