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Sibos 2023
The Recap.

As another dynamic Sibos concludes, we reflect upon the crucial discussions and insights it brought to the forefront.

This year's event was a confluence of over 8500 global business magnates, visionaries, and industry experts.

The agenda? To unravel and comprehend the nuances of topics like Instant Treasury, SWIFT GPI, Payment Networks Interoperability, Cross-border payments, digital assets, sustainability, and the transformative power of generative AI, to name a few.

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Launch of iGTB Copilot:
AI-powered Commercial & Corporate Banking Suite

iGTB Copilot integrates Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to reinvent customer experiences and revitalize productivity for both commercial banks and their clients. Seamlessly fusing the potential of vast commercial banking data with state-of-the-art AI technologies such as large language models (LLMs), machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, and virtual agents, iGTB Copilot maintains an unwavering commitment to data security and privacy within enterprise realms

Uppili Srinivasan's latest interview with Fianancial IT, discussing the "Six Tenets of Consumerisation of Commercial Banking" (COCB).

Highlights from Sibos 2023 - Key Takeaways for Global Banks

Uppili Srinivasan's  Exhibitors Stage: Consumerisation of Commercial Banking a Technology Strategy

The session emphasized the importance of domain expertise, user-friendly micro-services, design thinking, and clear APIs, all of which worked together to harness the capabilities of AI. We explored the exciting possibilities that eMACH.ai and COCB brought to the table.

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Day 1 at Sibos: iGTB’s Momentous Start

Sibos 2023 Day 1 Highlights: iGTB’s Momentous Start The curtain has lifted on Day


Day 2 at Sibos: Awards, Innovations, and Cruise

Day 2 at Sibos: Awards, Innovations, and an Unforgettable Cruise – iGTB Dominates With


Day 3 at Sibos: The whirlwind of activities

Day 3 of Sibos: The whirlwind of activities, achievements, and interactions that made up


Day 4 at Sibos: A symphony of moments

Day 4 of Sibos: A symphony of moments, memories, and milestones, marking the climax

Glimpses of

Sibos 2023

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The Skyline and Networking

Toronto Odyssey Cruise

The Toronto Odyssey Cruise offered a captivating experience with Toronto’s skyline, passionate Flamenco dances, and an exclusive networking segment for industry professionals to connect and engage.