iGTB Intellect


SIBOS Sydney

22 – 25 October

2 Mins

Experience CBX, Visit iGTB at Sibos – Booth K30

Wouldn’t it be great if your banking experience actually understood – even anticipated – what your business customers are trying to achieve? As part of a broader digitization strategy, advanced AI applications will allow transaction banks to reach new heights – giving rise to the contextual SME, business and corporate bank.

Visit iGTB at booth K30 and discover what Contextual Banking Experience is and how it surpasses current, traditional approaches to Transaction Banking.

  • How to reduce operational inefficiencies & risk
  • How to enhance data analytics
  • Techniques to improve customer engagement
  • How to avoid pitfalls of dynamics underpinning success
  • And ultimately how to drive revenue growth

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Don’t miss the Open Theatre session on Sibos Tuesday 11.30 am – 12.00 pm at Open Theatre Two
Make sure to book your ticket to the exclusive networking cruise on Sibos Monday, 5.30 pm (Sailing at 6.00 pm)

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