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iGTB’s latest Liquidity Management solution (LMS) offers banks the ability to meet the most sophisticated corporate clients needs.

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True Liquidity. Delivered
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Revenue from Cash

Mine balances for surpluses and channel them into overnight investments. Balances becoming cash-rich through receivables are ready for the next investment cycle: a virtuous circle.

Free-Up Capital to Avoid Overdrawn Accounts

Contextual alerts when an account not protected by a liquidity structure may be overdrawn. Save your dient significant overdraft cost and maybe the embarrassment of being unableto meet a payment obligation.

Compete to Win

With 23% of the world’s sweeping structures passing through LMS from iGTB, licenced by over 40 banks including global names such as, JPMC, ANZ, Lloyds and others. your competitors are offering superb liquidity management catering for regulations of over 50 countries. Join the best.

Joshua Cohen

Head of Liquidity.

Joshua Cohen leads iGTB’s Liquidity Management product. He is an experienced transaction banking and financial markets professional having held senior management positions in Europe and Asia with Standard Chartered Bank, Nedbank and Scotiabank Group, and founder of Eurobroker’s emerging markets Eurobond desk in the early 1990s.

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