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Fifth Third Bank Launches Cloud Native Self Service User Experience




Key Highlights

Powered by iGTB’s Contextual Banking Experience, CBX, Fifth Third Bank continues to enhance the customer experience for their corporate clients

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Key Highlights​


A suite of commercial banking capabilities ready to deploy instantaneously.

CBX covers all Commercial Banking domains: Account Services, Global and Local Payments, Corporate Liquidity and Cashflow Forecasting


Exceeding customer expectations with rich user experiences.

The platform’s interface is built for the global commercial banking business. CBX is a self-service solution catering to large and medium-sized corporations, as well as SME customers. The platform provides context-aware interactions, through persona-driven user journeys, empowering the bank to be fully focused on building and deepening customer relationships through a full-service platform that combines creative solutions with strategic insights to maximize client value, compared to competing bank offerings


Multifunctional capabilities and options to execute seamlessly.

Corporates can utilize CBX’s highly flexible, role-based interface that aggregates multi-bank information, performs analysis, enables informed decision making and initiates transactions.


Ease of visibility in real-time with information aggregated on a single, consolidated dashboard.

Corporate clients will have full control, visibility, and access to cash when it is needed from a single view across all their markets with various forms of data analytics that can be leveraged by the corporate CXO in real-time, anytime.


Learn how we can deploy a similar
solution for your bank


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