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How Burgan Bank became the first choice for the Kuwaiti business community with iGTB

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Burgan Bank, a leading banking service provider to the Kuwaiti business community has successfully deployed superior customer-centric channel capabilities to augment and enhance its digital cash management services.

Powered with enhanced customer experience channel technology CBX, Burgan Bank is now positioned to:
a) strengthen its corporate customer footprint
b) expand its Kuwaiti portfolio significantly by enabling the corporate sector with the latest technology and well-designed products.

Burgan Bank is now poised to offer a full range of streamlined and advanced transaction banking services to:
a) Leading Kuwaiti corporations
b) SMEs across the trading, manufacturing sectors
c) Businesses focused in contracting, alternative energy and advanced technology sectors.
Their success can be yours

Their success can be yours

Key Highlights​

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Contextual Banking Experience (CBX)

Seamless user experience for the Corporate Treasurer delivered in a mobile-first paradigm

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Cash Management Solution

Fully functional electronic banking with self-service and comprehensive payment services

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Omnichannel digital automation

A foundation for the bank to cross-sell and up-sell with a product bundling strategy

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Payroll processing

Automated vendor payments and B-Dinar salary accounts

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Read Burgan Bank’s success story to learn how you can start your own transformation journey.​

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The world’s best corporate banks
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