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The first and
Only Integrated Platform.

A single solution that integrates traditional trade and contemporary supply chain finance across a single common modern architecture. Clients can act as both buyers and sellers across a single unified interface. Fully digitalized modules extend across the integrated trade and supply chain platform, cutting through the clutter and delivering easy-to-use value-added service to the end user. The front-to-back digital platform reduces the paperwork and simplifies the processing of all trade and supply chain finance transactions. Banks and corporates alike can enjoy the strong mutual benefits of a sophisticated interface that automates tracking, messaging and onboarding through simple workflow orchestrations.

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Agile Development Leading To
Enhanced Efficiency.

The Trade and Supply Chain suite is built upon a development platform that enables rapid assembly of functional modules accessible over multiple channels, through metadata configuration and limited coding. The built-in content distribution layer delivers a seamless experience for end users. The Platform enables Agile Building of Banking Applications with Zero Coding to cater for Extreme Processing Scenarios ranging from intensive manual data entry to the STP of large transaction volumes.

Agile diagram

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Reduce Time
To Market.

The Trade and Supply Chain suite covers all entities, platforms and geographies. You can deploy a global finance hub with regional domestic compliance, configurable work-flows, dashboards and workload balancing. Accounting rules, charging rules, product rules and workflow rules allow you to roll out a single solution in multiple countries – without the need for code changes. Bank executives can take charge of expansion, fine-tune the product to country-specific nuances and reduce the time to market, both locally and globally. Configurable functionalities specific to each major market,such as APAC or Europe, set the tone for country-level rules across continents and cross-border territories.

Future-Proof in
More Ways then one.

Machine-learning based OCR ensures that APIs can be used to search for scanned documents, after which the OCR module will provide ready access to the digitised data. These OCR modules will learn over time, growing ever more capable of gleaning data and identifying suspect transactions from automated pattern recognition on scanned files, raising alerts and prompting changes in workflow. AI and NLP-based due diligence. Prevents any false flags with NLP-capable AI that sifts through all public and private data to vet both party and counter party.

Robotic Process Automation: Automate every step of documentation-heavy processes, from scanning, uploading, classification, data entry and even automatic mail extraction. Trade finance is documentation – heavy. That is where OCR and RPA comes into its own.

An API-first architecture makes the product nimble and capable of supporting any number of third-party processors.

The Speed You Need.

This is how you achieve 100 per cent STP for supply chain finance and trade finance. Automation is the name of the game – automatic and self-service on-boarding and proactive AI-based due diligence and compliance. Arm your relationship managers with the right information so no supplier is left behind because of gaps in the vetting process. And the SLA monitor allows you to nip any breach in service-level obligations in the bud, making sure that operations run at top speed. On your marks, and go far.

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A Look Inside

All is Well.
Informed Decisions.

Informed decision making with predictive data analytics for the supplier, buyer, procurement performance, sales, and cash flow oversight.

Watch this Space.
Race through Onboarding.

From supplier uploads from the anchor, to validations to document submission and verification, all from a single window – for thousands of suppliers.

Less Paper. Less Work.
More Trade.

Trade finance requires a ton of paperwork. Do it online, with ease and on time with our intuitive Side-by-Side Imager. It’s a view of real-time data alongside document images allowing you to annotate and correct what used to be paperwork.

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