Virtual Accounts Management

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Aite-Novarica BNY Mellon Innovation in Cash and Liquidity Management Casestudy

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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) Launches Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) Launches Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)

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Virtual Accounts Management

Accounts. Unbound.

Bring innovation to the forefront of cash management

Delight clients with account management truly aligned to business

Offer what your legacy core systems cannot do

Increase revenue with new monetization opportunities

Embed your bank deep into the customers’ cash operating cycle

Reduce cost and risk with Virtual Accounts blended into your ecosystem

Bring innovation to the forefront of cash management and drive deposits growth

Virtual Accounts are real

Self-service Virtual Accounts with no bank dependency, for made-to-measure flexibility and control

Unlimited Account Hierarchy

Mirror complex corporate hierarchies in account structures with full owner information.

Contextual VA/VIBAN

Use Virtual Accounts as a surrogate of bank account or map it to a context or virtual IBAN.


Perform full Payments, Collections and Liquidity operations with the bank’s existing processors. Enable Payment/Collection On-Behalf-Of factories.

In-House Banking

Enable customer to run an in-house bank with independent management of inter-company funding management.

Multi-Currency Virtual Accounts

Create innovative solutions with super-efficient, multi-currency Virtual Accounts.

Self-Service Where And When It Matters

Empower the customer to manage hierarchy, accounts and interest on their own. No need to wait for the bank to open, transact, manage and close accounts.

What’s in it for the banks?

Banks benefit from increased revenue, retention and satisfaction whilst adhering to regulations and reducing cost and risk

Virtual Accounts are creating a paradigm shift in the way banks assess and implement their revenue streams, while at the same time addressing their key objectives with respect to operational cost and risk management.

Business Value

• Increase market share in cash management services
• Help corporate clients with an alternative for in-house banking
• Increase client retention, to become the Primary Banker
• Create new non-traditional paradigms for fee income

Operational Value

• Reduce operational expenses, while enabling clients for self-serviced account management
• Provide a better view to credit visibility and viability of their customers

Capital and Risk Management Value

• Help address implications arising due to Basel III requirements for liquidity coverage and capital adequacy
• Reduce KYC dependencies and related risk

What’s in it for the clients?

Clients benefit from better cash visibility giving significant improvements in operations and risk management

Corporate treasurers desire increased control over their financials, and to align it with their internal structures. As organizations grow through organic and inorganic growth with complex hierarchies, their aspirations for “In-House Banking” nirvana is getting realised due to Virtual Accounts.

Enhanced Cash Visibility

• Comprehensive and segregated view of cash position aligned by business units - geo, subsidiaries, etc
• Natural aggregation of funds
• Leverage real-time payments for better and faster cash visibility
• Track inter-company positions and interest settlement

Operational Value

• Optimize number of accounts to be maintained, significantly reducing costs
• Reduce dependency on the bank for account management
• Straight through reconciliation to free-up working capital
• Support centralized treasury management and in-house banking

Risk Management Value

• Efficiently manage counterparty positions and exposure
• Manage intercompany exposures
• Support payments decisioning with cross-hierarchy limits

Available On Cloud As SaaS

Harness the flexibility, power and security of Intellect’s global partnership with Microsoft Azure and AWS

Microservices Architecture

Loosely coupled, self contained services

API First

Build internal ecosystems with open APIs

100 % Cloud Native

Flexibility to deploy on any public cloud platforms

Pluggable Backends

Integrate any backend or application gracefully with pluggable integrations


With layers of security, ready for public or private cloud deployment

No Vendor Lock In

Usage of open source components based on CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)

Industry speak​

Joseph Giarraputo
President & Editorial Director,
Global Finance

A market-leading global transaction banking platform, iGTB provides global coverage for its Virtual Account Management (VAM) solution across five continents and 18 countries. iGTB’s Virtual Account Management offers corporate banking clients a seamless customer journey and user experience across multiple business segments.