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Bank on a Tile

Deploy in minutes; should be easy, but is not. Learn how it can be

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Don’t be trapped by a monolithic “Bank in a box”

Use Kubernetes Operators Tiles instead to deploy and provision flexibly.

iGTB alongside IBM and Red Hat, share with you first-hand from our specific journey in what traps to avoid when deploying container-based software. Learn specific tips and tricks to avoid lengthy obstacles, save time, money and increase efficiency

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Contextualise Corporate Cash Management

We will specifically show you how to avoid problems such as:

  • Deploying an application on demand, without human error, or knowledge of specific application deployment models
  • How to handle increasingly frequent and targeted upgrades of the application code alongside related changes such as database schemas or extra configuration settings
  • Provide repeatable, standardized automation for operational management of the application (for example backup, system recovery) without requirement for application-specific domain knowledge


Our Speakers

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Vincent Caldeira,

Chief Technologist (FSI), Red Hat

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Robin Huiser

Chief Architect Digital, iGTB

We bring you the recording of this session, so you can watch, learn, analyse and take away the insights at your convenience.​