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Contextualize Corporate Cash Management

Personal, Data Driven, Forward Looking and Integrated

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Contextualize Corporate Cash Management

In today’s world, context is everything. For financial institutions, it is the exact information that can help attract new business and corporate customers, while strengthening existing relationships.

Join AITE and iGTB as we guide you through how the state of cash management will greatly rely and benefit from contextualization in the next 2-3 years.

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Contextualise Corporate Cash Management

We will cover topics around

  • System flexibility to deliver a unique and personalized experience to end-users
  • Data-driven engagement
  • Better tools such as forecasting to enable customers to better manage their money and make more informed decisions.
  • An integrated experience across the bank and with external third-party applications

Our Speakers

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Christine Barry

Research Director, Aite Group

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Herber de Ruijter

Executive Vice President, Head of Digital and Payments, iGTB

We bring you the recording of this session, so you can watch, learn, analyse and take away the insights at your convenience.​