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How on earth can Corporate Banks differentiate in an open finance world?

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2 Mins

How on earth can Corporate Banks differentiate in an open finance world?

Understand how a corporate bank operating model needs to change, what UX you could offer to whom (and built by whom), and how your APIs can be the ones your clients prefer. iGTB in partnership with Coalition Greenwich with special guests from FAB and Accenture are pleased to present the virtual event on “How on earth can Corporate Banks differentiate in an open finance world?” In this session, participants will gain insights about:

  • The future of corporate and transaction banking operating models and how banks need to offer their services
  • How you can have fine-grain control and continuity of the UI and UX (yourself or with a specialist) decoupled from the back end, whilst still getting the speed, time-to-market and prior-investment benefits of having a technology partner: onboarding, entitlements, intelligence about the domain (whether payments, cash, collections or trade) are all needed even for headless
  • Understanding of the architecture needed to make ‘experience APIs’ and the corporate banking ‘operating system’, so that the APIs competitive to API-connected users, whether large corporates or co-operative/competitive fintechs
  • What DXP and MACH architecture are, and how much you need to understand them (DXP = Digital Experience Platform, MACH = Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless.)


Our Speakers


Yuri Misnik

Group CTO, First Abu Dhabi Bank

Jose 1 300x300 2

José Navas López

Global Banking Lead, Accenture


Dr Tobias Miarka

Co-Head of Banking, Coalition Greenwich


Mike Rayfield

SVP Digital, iGTB

We bring you the recording of this session, so you can watch, learn, analyse and take away the insights at your convenience.​